Are the Dodgers a Sleeper Team for 2012?


Are the Dodgers a sleeper team for 2012? Many Dodger fans actually fell asleep after hearing about the Dodgers mostly lackluster free agent signings this winter. I thought some were lackluster, but not all. However, we ask the question, are the Dodgers a sleeper team? Anthony Castrovince of seems to think so. Castrovince named his six sleeper teams for 2012. The Dodgers being one of the six teams named. The Rockies were also another one of the six sleeper teams named by Castrovince. The Dodgers and Colorado join Atlanta, Toronto, Cleveland, and Kansas City as the six sleeper teams. So can the Dodgers be considered a sleeper in 2012?

Castrovince thinks so, although he does say it’s a bit of a stretch. I don’t think it is that far of a stretch. Castrovince goes on to explain, that because the Dodgers have Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw and played very well over the final two months of the season, that they may surprise a few people. I agree with this assessment. The Dodgers had one of the best records in the National League last season over the final two months of the season posting an impressive 34-20 record in August and September.

Castrovince also noticed that the NL West doesn’t have a clear cut dominant team. Basically anything goes this season in the wild wild NL West. If Castrovince really does believe that Colorado has a shot, then the division is up for grabs. Castrovince also realizes that the influx cash that the Dodger’s new ownership will be bringing in could result in a big move at the trade deadline.

They’re going to need a big year from Andre Ethier (obviously), and new starters Aaron Harang and Chris Capuano need to provide the Dodgers with innings at the back-end of the rotation. With a rebuilt bullpen and improved defense, the Dodgers could sneak into the playoffs, especially if this extra wild card is added. You never know right? According to Castrovince, stranger things have happened. This is very true, stranger things have happened.