Ted Lilly in Midseason form as Dodgers Fall to Giants

Giants     8  16 0Dodgers 4 9   1WP-Zito-1-0LP-Lilly-0-1HR-Cabrera-2-Pill-1-Ethier-1

Well Ted Lilly was already in mid-season form today at Camelback Ranch in Glendale Arizona. The Dodgers dropped their second game of the spring, in their first meeting with the Giants 8-4. I don’t know about you, but I hate losing to the Giants. I don’t care if it’s exhibition season, regular season, or wiffle ball season. The Giants scored three runs in the first inning, and two in the second off of Lilly, and the Dodgers never could get back in the game.

If you remember Ted Lilly went his last seven starts of 2011 without allowing a home run, after allowing 28 dingers during the rest of his outings. So….what do you think happened first batter he faced? Yep, you betcha! First batter Melky Cabrera…..Blast! Burris doubles, and after Schierholtz grounds out, Brett Pill hits a home run completely out of the stadium. Oh by the way, Cabrera’s home run went out of the park as well. It’s 3-0 Giants. Apparently Ted Lilly forgot how to pitch over the winter. No, he’s just getting it all out of his system. There you go Ted, that’s right, get it all out now. Better now than the first week of April right? The Giants had an absolutely pathetic lineup. Luckily they got the dredges of the Dodger’s pitching staff. Jamey Wright followed Lilly and allowed a run. Lilly pitched two innings and allowed five runs, while walking one and whiffing one. His opposing starter Barry Zito pitched into the third inning. He allowed two runs on 4 hits with two whiffs.

Anyways, the Dodgers did get a few back. Andre Ethier slugged his first home run of the spring in the second inning. The solo shot put the Dodgers on the board. Jerry Sands walks. Juan Uribe, who looks just as plump as he was last season, singles. Matt Treanor sacrifice bunts the runners to second and third. Hairston’s ground out plates Sands. 5-2 Giants. Gordon’s screeching liner is caught by Fontenot.

After Ramon Troncoso entered the game and allowed a home run to Melky Cabrera, his second of the game, I knew it was over. It was 6-2 Giants at this point. So we used this time to take our first looks at some of the minor leaguers, and non roster guys. We saw guys like Jeff Baisley, Tim Federowicz, Matt Angle, and pitchers Jamey Wright, Michael Antonini, Josh Wall, and Mat Chico.

*Attention* We have a Ronald Belisario sighting! The Venezuelan version of David Copperfield, made an appearance before our very eyes in the fourth inning. Belisario who can pitch in spring games, but still must serve his 25 game suspension, pitched a scoreless frame.

I wont bore you with anymore details of this game. It was lousy. Matt Kemp whiffed twice, Ted Lilly was craptastic, and the first inning played out like that yackity-yack song. That’s ok though, because it is only the second game of spring. There is plenty of time for everyone to shape up. It was still great watching the boys in blue, and tweeting snarky comments. Tomorrow the Dodgers will play the Oakland A’s, at 1205PM. The game is not on radio or tv, so no game recap tomorrow guys, sorry. The Dodgers will be back on Prime Ticket on Thursday against The A’s. Chris Capuano Aaron Harang (not Capuano) is supposed to make his debut tomorrow. Go Blue

*Edit*Hey check out MSTI’s piece on today’s game…Ted-Lilly-already-in-midseason-form…..We all were thinking the same thing about Lilly today.