The Ten Blue Commandments of the Dodger Lineup


The Ten Blue Commandments of the Dodger lineup for the 2012 season.

1. Thou shall always bat Matt Kemp third.

2. Thou shall not Bunt, unless the pitcher is at-bat

3. Thou shall bat Dee Gordon Lead-off. The speedster has to learn how to be an affective lead-off guy

4. Thou shall put high On-base guys like A.J. Ellis at the top of the order, and low OBP guys like Juan Uribe at the very bottom.

5. Thou shall use a platoon partner with Loney against lefties. (Not Ethier unless he struggles against lefties this year)

6. Thou shall not ever, ever, ever use the backup catcher as a pinch-hitter in any late inning situations.

7. Thou shall always put runners on base in front of Matt Kemp.

8. Thou shall play the match-ups correctly.

9. Thou shall give Jerry Sands playing time.

10. Thou shall not suck.

Someone should tape this up in the Dodger dugout. Make sure manager Don Mattingly has a copy of this in his office as well. When Moses came down from the mountain he said…..”Let there be Dodger Baseball! Thou shall always root for Dodger Blue!” Any commandments I have overlooked? Food for thought, right Dodger fans? Go Blue