Scott Returns from the Disabled List, as the Dodgers play the Royals


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Chad Billingsley vs. Danny Duffy

I am back from the dead! Somewhat at least. After a harrowing weekend of influenza and hospital stays, I am back in Blue. I bet you thought you had seen the last of me no? Sorry guys, but you know I can’t let you off that easy. I am gone for a couple of days, and it seems like I have missed so much. I was so delirious, that I even thought Juan Uribe was an all-star. Man oh man, please don’t make me ever relive that experience again. (I mean Uribe not the influenza) Anyways, we now know that the final six bidders in the sale and auction of the Dodgers have been whittled down to the final four. Stacie has all the details on the process, as we move into the last couple of weeks before the April 1st deadline for Frank McCourt to pick a winning bidder.

So what were we talking about before I fell ill? Ah yes, the ridiculous 13 man pitching staff rumors. Now that those lame rumors were put to bed, let’s get right to the meat and potatoes. The Dodgers have one of the best records in Cactus League play right now, and improved on that record last night by beating the Reds by a score of 9-1. Clayton Kershaw started the game for the Dodgers and pitched four scoreless innings, making 53 pitches, allowing only 1 hit, two walks, and whiffing six batters. Of coarse the game was not televised, so the Dodger fans out here in LA LA land have yet to see Kershaw pitch live. (BTW, why is it the only two spring games not televised over the last two weeks have been Kershaw starts? But I digress….) Anyways, the Dodgers have been playing well. Now I know what your going to say, it’s only spring training, these stats don’t count, the games are meaningless, yada, yada, yada, right? Well maybe not as much as we think.

The Dodgers have been swinging some hot bats of late. For example, in last night’s affair, the boys in blue scored six runs in the first three innings off opposing pitcher Homer Bailey, who didn’t last very long. A.J. Ellis and Adam Kennedy, both led the way, each slugging home runs. Their first of the spring. In the first inning, Trent Oeltjen tripled home two runs, and tried to extend it to an inside the park home run, but was thrown out at the plate. Right fielder Jay Bruce, hit his cutoff man, second baseman Henry Rodriguez, and catcher Devin Mesoraco applied the tag on Oeltjen. This doesn’t surprise me, because if you remember last year, Oeltjen had an inside the park home run at Coors Field against the Rockies, so he is certainly no stranger to the inside the park home run. Remember this play from last year in Colorado? Trent Oeltjen inside the park home run last season

The Dodgers scored 9 runs off 11 hits, and are now a league best 7-2-2 in Cactus League play. On the injury front, James Loney is still nursing a sore calf muscle. Adam Kennedy started at first base in last night’s game. Matt Guerrier still has a rusty back, and Ronald Belisario has pulled another disappearing act. Although this time he has a legitimate reason, he contracted strep throat. I can relate.

Of coarse not a whole lot has changed in Dodger camp. Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw are still awesome. Andre Ethier, and Juan Rivera are swinging hot sticks, and Juan Uribe is still disconcerting. Good lord man, the guy is batting .083 this spring. You would think the Dodgers would start to be concerned at this point. I don’t know if the Dodgers have a backup plan at third base, other than Jerry Hairston, but they better get one and fast. Justin Sellers come on down!

I know it is only spring training games, but come on you have got to be impressed with how the Dodgers are playing right now. The pitching has been solid, they are raking the crap out of the ball, and besides that bumble fest against Colorado the other day, the defense has been superb. Well, I cant say all the way superb, there has been some missed cutoff men, and some muffled grounders, which by the way have been making manager Don Mattingly very upset by their lack of fundamentals. Remember Donnie is old school, so anytime there is a lapse in hustle, or fundamentals, he is not a happy camper.

Speaking of unhappy campers, I am hearing through the grapevine, that the Dodgers are not pleased with Jerry Sands slow start this spring. He is only hitting .200, although he did have a hit and two walks last night. Still if this is the case, then maybe the Dodgers should put him in Albuquerque to start the season, and instead have someone like Justin Sellers on the roster. That way Sands can work a little bit on refining his swing, and regaining his timing. After all, Jerry Hairston can play all three outfield positions. We will have more on this story later.

As for today’s game, it is televised on Prime Ticket. The Dodgers will face the Kansas City Royals. This means we may see old friend, and meltdown master, Jonathon Broxton. Otherwise, the Dodgers will be starting Chad Billingsley, while the Royals will counter with youngster Danny Duffy. Scheduled to pitch for the Dodgers are Todd Coffey, Angel Guzman, John Grabow, and Scott Rice. This is how spring training games go Dodger fans, the reserves, and relievers are scheduled before the games.

Has anyone seen hide nor hare of Shane Lindsay? It seems ever since he tore his Lat muscle, he has dropped off the face of the earth. Too bad, I have heard he has a cannon for an arm. Today’s game time is at 1:05PM, and televised on PT. The first round of cuts are expected to be announced today after the game. It is expected that the Dodgers will be sending some of the minor league players back to their respective camps. We will keep you informed. Who is your best bet to get the axe?

Well Dodger fans, I will be enjoying a nice relaxing day of eating solid foods, and watching Dodger Baseball. We will have a full recap after the game. Stick around, and Go Blue!