Dodgers Come Home to Camelback to Play Milwaukee


We’re more than halfway through Dodger Spring Training. We have about two weeks until opening day. Besides the Sale and Auction of the team playing out in the backdrop, this has been a relatively quiet spring. There has been a rusty back here and there, some grumblings about Jerry Hairston’s sub-par fielding at shortstop, and discussions about who should get the last spots in the bullpen and bench.

The Dodgers return home to Camelback Ranch today, to take on the Milwaukee Brewers, and suspected roider Ryan Braun. Chad Billingsley will start for the Dodgers, while Milwaukee will counter with Chris Narveson. The Dodgers are expected to give work to Josh Lindblom, Ronald Belisario, Ramon Troncoso, and Wil Ledezma.

Dodgers Lineup








A.J. Ellis2


Of course Manager Don Mattingly had no idea what was wrong with Jerry Hairston’s fielding, at shortstop the last week. There were a couple of his errors that could be considered borderline. We do know that he has blowing baseballs foul down pretty well.

"“But four errors in two games is something you pay attention to. You don’t sit there and bypass it. I caught a bunch of balls from him in drills today, and his throws were true. One of those [errors] today [a chopper over the mound], maybe he should eat the ball. One of those throws last week, [Russell] Mitchell came off the bag too early and it shouldn’t have been an error on Jerry. So, two are not him.”"

Of course there is a simple solution to all of this.Follow me here Dodger fans….I know this is a crazy radical idea….. Don’t play Hairston at shortstop, and keep Justin Sellers on the roster. Bingo! Problem solved! I will bring back another poll for you guys. I am curious to know what you think. Should the Dodgers begin the season with Justin Sellers on the roster?

Anyways, Today’s game at Camelback Ranch is televised on Prime Ticket, at 105PM. Please stick around for our postgame recap after the game.Just two more weeks until we hear those five beautiful words we long to hear….ITS TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL! Go Blue