Dodgers Blanked for First Time This Spring


Padres 3 7 1

Dodgers 0 5 0




Yesterday’s Dodger game was such a snoozer, I almost didn’t feel like doing a recap of it. I thought I would though considering it marks something significant. The first shutout of the Spring. The game only lasted two hours and twenty-seven minutes. It was one of those games where we just knew the Dodgers just weren’t scorin’. The Dodgers could muster only five hits yesterday as they were shutout by Tim Stauffer and the Padres 3-0.

So the Dodgers flipped around Ted Lilly, the original starting pitcher, and Jamey Wright, who started the game in his place. It really didn’t make much difference. Lilly pitched on the minor league side, and he got somewhat bombed. While Wright looked pretty decent pitching two scoreless innings. We all know what this means don’t we? Wright is making the opening day roster with that last spot in the bullpen. Yes, of course he is. I don’t think it’s a good idea though. I would rather that last spot go to something we need a lot more than we need Jamey Wright. That would be a second lefty in the bullpen. So if the Dodgers were to give this spot to Wil Ledezma or John Grabow, I wouldn’t be all that upset. However with Wright we all have to ask ourselves, will he be worse than Lance Cormier? Because that is what he really is. Last season I never thought Cormier would be as bad as he was, then of course, he was. This time I am just going to say no thanks. It is a bad idea, so I hope the Dodgers change their minds.

Anyways, I’m sure the Padres were very impressed by Stauffer, who is lining up to be their opening day starter against the Dodgers in San Diego. Stauffer not only pitched six scoreless innings, only allowing three hits, walking none, and whiffing two. He also comprised most of the scoring with his own bat by driving in two of the three San Diego runs. Three San Diego pitchers followed him with scoreless frames: Hinshaw, Owings, and Boxberger.

The Padres scored all three of their runs in the top of the 5th inning off of Todd Coffey. James Darnell singles, Evereth Cabrera walks. With two on and one out, Stauffer drives in two runs with a base hit to right. Cameron Maybin singles, and after a force out Jesus Guzman singles to center plating Maybin. 3-0 San Diego.

That was all she wrote Dodger fans. Andre Ethier took the day off and so did the rest of the Dodger lineup. The Dodgers only managed five measly hits. Dee Gordon had two hits. Jerry Hairston had a double. Otherwise, just two meek singles from Adam Kennedy and Tony Gywnn Jr. was all the Dodger offense could come up with. The Dodgers drop to 9-6 on the spring in Cactus League play. Today is an off-day for the Dodgers. On Friday, some of the Dodgers will travel to Tuscon to play in the Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Foundation game, which is against the White Sox. The other game is a split-squad game against Kansas City at Camelback Ranch Aaron Harang will start that game for the Dodgers. Both of the Friday games are at 1:05 PM.

Have a great Dodger day guys. Go Blue.