Blue Magic-An Online Timeline of the Dodger Blogosphere Reaction


As all of Los Angeles celebrated throughout the night, the news of Magic Johnson, and the Guggenheim Baseball Management group purchase of the Dodgers, was received by the Dodger blogosphere with a massive wave of happiness and relief. Dodger fans all across the globe partied and celebrated, as the Dodger nation rejoiced in the news that the ownership saga was finally over. Not only that, but the most beloved sports figure in Los Angeles history would be partnering up with a reputable partner firm to run the Dodgers. It is a happy time in Dodger land, and I thought I would put together a timeline of events, providing a record of the Dodger nation’s reactions to the news of the Magic/GBM deal. There is a sparkle in the air over here in Los Angeles today, and I think it’s a little Magical…..

Bill Shakin of the LA Times breaks the news as Dodger fans all across the world celebrate

Bill Shakin-LA Times

Steve Dilbeck from the LA Times-Dreams Can come True.

Steve Dilbeck-LA Times-Dreams Can Come True

Steve Dilbeck-LA Times-Magic

Jon Weisman of Dodger Thoughts says it all….SOLD!

Jon Weisman-DodgerThoughts

He also posts an interview with Peter Guber.

Jon Weisman-Interview Peter Guber

Mike Petriello of MSTI is just as thrilled as everyone else is right now, he gives his 19 scattered thoughts during the night of celebration…

Mike Petriello-MSTI

Our good friend Josh Kohl of of calls it Dodger Magic! I couldn’t agree more!

Joshua Kohl-DodgerBobble

Evan Bladh of Opinions of Kingman’s Performance calls this pure Magic.

Evan Bladh-Opinions of Kingmans Performance

Earnest Reyes of Dodgers Blue Heaven offers a play by play Twitter timeline when the news broke. Seriously I think the news broke twitter.

Earnest reyes-Dodgers Blue Heaven

Dustin Nosler of Feelinkindablue gives a thank you to a few important people who have been covering the Dodger ownership mess since the beginning.

Dustin Nosler-Feelinkindablue

Of course the guys over at Truebluela were pretty happy about the announcement too.


According to Forbes, Frank McCourt is walking away with a boatload of cash.

Forbes on Yahoo

the guys over at Save the Dodgers, which used to be a site advocating for Mark Cuban to Save the Dodgers, is all on board with the new Magic era, calling it a new day upon us


The news was so wonderful for Dodger fans, and so wide reaching, it even brought the now defunct DodgerBlues site out of retirement, to post about his elation.

Dodger Blues

As you can see the entire Dodger family is celebrating the wonderful news that the Dodgers ownership saga is over, and that Magic Johnson and the GBM are the new owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Coinciding with the start of the sacred 50th anniversary of Dodger Stadium, we at LasordasLair are looking forward to the start of a successful Blue year for everyone across the Dodger Blogosphere. Opening day is in one week. We would like to extend a hearty handshake to the entire Dodger Blogosphere, and wish everyone a great 2012 season.

The Dodgers are back! That buzz is in the air again. It’s Magic. Buckle up Dodger fans, we’re all in for a wild ride. Go Blue!