Lasorda’s Lair Podcast-Dishing Up the Dodgers Sunday 4-8-12 12PM


Greetings Lasorda’s Lairians!

We have a special treat coming up for you on Sunday afternoon at 12PM pacific time, if you guessed my Seinfeld like nasally voice than you would be correct! That’s right. Lasorda’s Lair will be bringing back our podcasts. I figured since everyone else is doing them we might as well jump into the fray. Besides I love talking Dodger Baseball, so it will be fun.

Our shows will be called Dishing up the Dodgers. We will be doing these twice a month, but this month we will be lining up four shows. The shows will be half an hour in length. Other than our first show, we will be have a new guest each show. The first show will be just Stacie, Jeremy, Kenny, and myself. The second show will be a special show with Dodger Author and guest speaker David Krell. Other guests will include Daniel Shoptaw of and our boy Nick Hamilton.  BTW check out his interviews, they are top-notch.

Plus many more! We will be discussing the Dodgers opening series in San Diego, we will preview the NL West, the opening day festivities for the Dodger Stadium opener on Tuesday kicking off the sacred 50th anniversary of Dodger Stadium, and make our predictions for 2012.

The URL to go to listen to our Podcast is

It should be a lot of fun. So make sure to join us for this Sunday from 12-12:30 PM Pacific time. At anytime during the show you would like to call in and talk some Dodger Baseball with us, please call this number-646-716-5683. Don’t hesitate to call, we appreciate all listeners and comments.

So please join us on Sunday at 12PM. Should be a lot of fun. Talking Dodger Baseball…….