Conversations With the Enemy Pittsburgh Pirates Rumbunter


Yesterday I sat down with Tom Smith and the guys over at Rumbunter, the Pittsburgh Pirate site on the Fansided Network. We each asked each other a series of questions leading up to the opening series at Dodger Stadium against the Pirates. We talked about former Dodgers, now Buccos, Big Rod, and James McDonald, also known as Jmac. We talk about manager Clint Hurdle, and this baseman Pedro Alvarez. Tom also shares a funny story about Priate’s manager Clint Hurdle. I will just say, it’s inspirational literally. You can read our responses from Rumbunter through our hub, or by visiting

Q:How do you feel about the two former Dodgers now with the Pirates. What is your impressions of James McDonald, (JMAC), and Big Rod? 

James McDonald has started to show growth.  I think Big Rod has helped him calm his emotions.  After Hunter Pence homered on Saturday, JMac simply held his glove up for the ball.  The Phillies didn’t score on him again.  When JMac can locate his fastball he is tough to beat. We think Barajas will make a lot of outs for the Buc’s lineup, it looks like he loves swinging for the fence. 

Q:What is your impressions of Clint Hurdle?

"He is a quote machine. Cool story… We were able to get him on our podcast and he needed my cell number.  Sort of cool at the time, now we somehow got into his mass email list and we get inspirational quotes from him daily.   Cool the first couple of times, but seriously does this get you fired up in the morning…”There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream”"

I think Hurdle has done a nice job.  He is a solid character guy.  He could continue to improve his game management, but he really connected with the players.  It’s hard to imagine anyone squeezing anymore out of them than he did last season. 

Q:Do you think that that crazy 19 inning game against Atlanta last season ruined the Bucs momentum in 2011?

No, but it sounds great.

Where do you expect the Bucs to finish in 2012?

The Bucs will finish in fourth place in the NL Central.

Q:How is Pedro Alvarez developing? Has he met up to expectations?

Pedro was rushed to the big leagues to ease the pain of one of the worst seasons in Pittsburgh Pirates history.  He proved he belonged. What happened last season sucks.  He struggled.  He was injured.  He can provide power for the Buc’s lineup as he showed on Sunday.  Did you see that bomb?  WOW! He hasn’t lived up to expectations as of yet.  Let’s trust he starts figuring it out in L.A.

By the way, He is not kidding. The home run Alvarez hit was an absolute blast that was hit onto the walkway behind PNC Park’s bleachers. Check it out here. Alvarez’s Bomb Let’s try to be careful pitching to this guy shall we? Go follow the guys on rumbunter Twitter and don’t forget to follow LasordasLair Twitter as well. I’ll see you at the ballpark. Go Blue!