Judge Gross Approves Dodger Sale, While Secretly admitting he is a Phillies Fan


Just minutes ago, Judge Kevin Gross approved the sale of the Dodgers to Magic Johnson, and the Guggenheim partners. We learn this via tweets from Bill Shakin, who had been tweeting from the courthouse all afternoon. Apparently MLB had some problems with the sale, and raised several red flags. MLB cited issues with the sale of the Dodger Stadium parking lots, and some purchase agreement forms that weren’t filed correctly for whatever reason. Eventually all came to agreement, although from reading the tweets things got a little heated in the courtroom.

What caught my eye, was this tweet from Shakin……..I think this may be the underlying reason why MLB put up a little last minute fuss to try and delay the sale. Opposing owners, of other teams are scared. There very scared because they know that Magic and the GBM will be bringing the Dodgers back to prominence, and will be big players in the free agent market next winter. I think it is actually funny how scared and or jealous other teams have been of the Dodgers since the announcement of the sale. The Change of Ownership will take place on April 30th as scheduled.

Rejoice Dodger fans! It is finally over. Magic and the GBM will be moving in on April 30th. It has been raining intermittently across the south-land all afternoon, but the sun has just broken, and it looks like we are going to play ball. That is a perfect metaphor for the state of the Dodgers don’t you think? The sun breaking through the dark clouds, and is now shining bright over Dodger Stadium. Sounds good to me. *Update* There are still clouds out, and it is still rather gloomy, so the game may get rained out, but even if the game is rained out, the metaphor still applies! In case you are wondering though, the last rainout at Dodger Stadium was April of 2000. Stick around as Jeremy Dorm will be providing his first recap, immediately following the game. (weather permitting) You don’t want to miss that! Let’s get a win tonight boys. Go Blue