Will the Dodgers Make the “Wright” Decision?


The Dodgers have a roster decision to make tomorrow. Ted Lilly will be activated from the disabled list in order to make his season debut Saturday night against the Padres. Lilly has been on the DL since the final week of spring training with a rusty neck. In order to make room on the active roster for Lilly, someone is going to have to be cut. The question is, will the Dodgers make the” wright” decision?

Everyone is expecting the Dodgers to option down reliever Josh Lindblom in order to clear room for Lilly. The reason being Lindblom is the only pitcher with options remaining. Here is the problem with that move. Lindblom has been very good. It’s not surprising since he was just as good last year as well. Lindblom pitched in 27 games last year posting a 2.73 ERA, whiffing 28 batters in 29.2 innings, and had an impressive 8.5 whiff per nine rate.

This year he has been just as good, pitching five scoreless frames, allowing nothing, and only two walks. Lindblom has only allowed one hit so far in 2012. There is no logical reason to keep Jamey Wright on the roster over Josh Lindblom. Wright a non-roster invitee, who pitched decent in the spring, was only allowed to start the year with the team because Blake Hawksworth is hurt, and Ronald Belisario is serving a 25-game suspension for a drug violation. Wright has been pretty terrible in his outings. Throwing eight straight lollipops to force in two runs with the bases loaded last Saturday night. To be fair, Wright has only pitched in two games, but it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out who the better pitcher is. Of course once Belisario returns at the end of the month, Lindblom will likely be sent down anyways, but until then, he must stay.

I will pose the question to you guys. Who do you think should be cut to make room for Lilly?


The Dodgers have until Friday night to make their decision. With Coffey, Dougie, and Elbert scuffling to begin the season, an effective middle reliever like Lindblom is almost priceless. Keeping Lindblom over the useless 37-year old Wright will certainly do wonders to prevent meltdowns like the one we saw last week in San Diego. So I urge the Dodgers please, make the “Wright” call and dump Jamey Wright. Everyone knows it’s the “Wright” thing to do.