Happy Anniversary Vin Scully



I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t give a shout out to perhaps the greatest Dodger of all time who has never put on a Dodger Blue uniform. Today is the 62nd anniversary of Vin Scully’s first game behind the mic for the Dodgers. The greatest sportscaster ever, began his Dodger career on this date in 1950. We were all very worried and scared during the last homestand when he was out for a week with the flu. Everyone loves Vin Scully, the way he interweaves his stories throughout the games while calling the action in his own wonderful Vinny way. Each night his wonderful Dodger voice would fill my room, and carry throughout my house. I grew up listening to Vin, like most Dodger fans. In fact, I am more accustomed to hearing Vin’s beautiful voice, more than some members of my own family. Vin is like a family member to all of us. He is perhaps the most beloved Dodger of all time. He is beloved by all Dodger fans across the globe.

After hearing about the sad passing of legend Dick Clark, we must cherish every game we hear Vin behind the mic. Every day we hear his beautiful voice is a blessing. Thank you Vin. Thank you for everything. Thank you for being with us through thick and thin. Please don’t ever leave us, we love you.