Los Angeles: Crowd Seats Brings Daily Deals for Sports Tickets to LA


FanSided partner Crowd Seats is your #1 source for scoring tickets to see your team score wins. You’ll never get hit with the fees you might find on other ticket sites and you’ll always get the absolute best deal. That is why we are excited to announce that Crowd Seats is hitting the LA Market!

How does it work?

Popular Daily Deal/Group Buying sites get merchants on board by promising new customers in exchange for huge discounts. Crowd Seats’ merchants can expect more- each ticket sold on Crowd Seats will lead to more revenue through supplementary purchases such as parking at the stadium, concessions such as beer, soda, and hot dogs, and merchandise like jerseys and hats. These additional revenues make Daily Deals ideal
for sports teams.

It’s no surprise that sports fans are rooting for Crowd Seats. Fans receive discounts at up to 90% off face value for tickets to their favorite teams – with absolutely zero added fees. These time-sensitive, daily deals offer fans an opportunity to get in the crowd at a fraction of face value. It is win-win for everyone!

With so many games to chose from this season, the easiest way to keep track of the ticket market is to subscribe to Crowd Seats. You can often find deals as good as 50-90% off! Don’t miss out and subscribe.

Currently, Crowd Seats has a great special running for Fireworks Night on the Washington Nationals on April 27th. Snag your tickets now for 52% off!