Loge Homers are Cool


Juan Rivera did the rarest of the rare last Tuesday against the Braves. He hit a home run into the Loge section of Dodger Stadium. We have already seen a triple play, nine consecutive whiffs, and four consecutive walks in the bottom of the ninth inning. So we have already seen some amazing feats in only the first month of the 2012 season. We hope there are many more to come for the Dodgers.

We were treated to another amazing feat on Monday night, when Rivera hit a home run into the Loge section at Dodger Stadium in left field. The Loge section is the second deck above the field level. A small part of the loge section juts out into fair territory, just beyond the foul pole on both left and right field sides. The Loge homer is the rarest of the rare, and it sure delighted me when I saw it.

There have only been 20 Loge homers hit in Dodger Stadium history. Rivera became only the eighth Dodger ever to do it. Rivera’s blast off of lefty Mike Minor that landed just inside the left field foul pole about several rows back in the loge section was measured at 437 feet.

The first player ever to do it,was big Frank Howard in game four of the 1963 World Series against the Yankees and off of Whitey Ford. Other Dodgers that have done it include Raul Mondesi in 1996, and Matt Kemp did it once back in 2007. Bison’s Loge blast was the last Dodger to do it until Rivera did it last Tuesday. The last opposing player to hit a Loge homer was Adam Dunn. The ogre did it twice in one game back on August 6, 2010. Both blasts were off of Kershaw, and both were to right field. Dunn was with Washington that season, but he has moved on since then and now plays for the White Sox.

The Nationals are in town this weekend, and we hope you make your plans to be with us to root the Dodgers on to victory. Rivera’s Loge blast was his first of the year, and he is expected to be back in the lineup soon once he is fully recovered from his hamstring injury. It just goes to show you, that you never know what you will see in a Dodger game. When will we see another Loge homer? maybe not for another 50 years. Or who knows, it may be tonight…..Go Blue