Lasorda’s Lair Appearing on the Loudmouth Experience Monday at 8PM


Hey guys,

I have some cool stuff to tell you about. Stacie and myself will be appearing on The Loudmouth Experience Show  on tomorrow at 8PM. The Loudmouth Experience is a show that our good friend Nick Hamilton co-hosts on If you remember Nick is our friend who was trying out for the MLB Fancave whom we interviewed for a featured article on the site a couple of months ago. Nick also has his own youtube channel filled with his interviews. Check them out here-

Nick is just all over the place, and he covers all sports in and around LA, securing interviews with well, everyone. I joked once that if Los Angeles had a Badminton team, Nick would already be there and have interviews with all players. Nick is also a recurring guest in our monthly podcasts.

We will be talking about all things Dodger Blue during our appearance. Check out the show, we will be on at 8PM. You can listen to the show live at We will also be chatting sports with Nick and his two co-hosts. The show is an all sports format talk show, where Nick and his two co-hosts talk about all sports.

Also check out the loudmouth experience on Facebook here, also check out their twitter page at We hope that you will listen in and enjoy the show along with us. Check it out, as Stacie and I become Loudmouths for a night! Ok, ok, we are both already loudmouths anyways, so I think we should fit in just fine. Anyways, enjoy!