Download New Dodger Browser Theme from BrandThunder


Greetings Lasorda’s Lairians!

I thought I would alert you to a neat little blue treat I was made aware of the other day. A company called contacted us to tell us about a new Dodger browser theme they made. They have been working with to create the official browser theme for the Dodgers listed on their site, and  they contacted Lasorda’s Lair to make us aware of their new themes that they are pushing. The Dodger theme can be downloaded for free here

This theme comes styled with team colors and logos and some interactive elements that keep you updated with news, scores, and tickets. I am actually using the theme for one of my browsers, and it is actually pretty cool. It turns your browser into an all Dodger themed browser. I like it. Again the theme is free to download, and there are themes which will work with all common browser platforms like Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. Thanks to the good people of BrandThunder and Mark Subel for bringing this to my attention. Check it out, it’s free and very easy to install.