My Apology to Jamey Wright


When I am wrong I am always willing to admit it. Sometimes I am wrong, because to err is to human. So I have no problem with sucking up my pride and swallowing a bit of humble pie every now and then. Of course I am talking about my apology to Jamey Wright.

*PLEASE NOTE THIS POST WAS WRITTEN BEFORE WRIGHT’S OUTING IN YESTERDAY’S GAME.* (At least he didn’t give up a walk-off home run to the 100 hundred year old bench dwelling Jason Giambi. Yeah I see you Elbert!)

As you well know, I have been vocally against Jamey Wright’s place on the Dodger roster. Especially after two tough outings in the first series in San Diego where he walked two batters with the bases loaded on eight straight balls. Since then though, Wright has been downright decent, and dare I say it…effective. I can’t even believe I am writing this, but Jamey has been very good out of the Dodger bullpen since that opening series in San Diego.

I had spoken out to urge Manager Don Mattingly to keep Josh Lindblom on the roster on the roster, and in order to do it, I was prepared to sacrifice Jamey Wright. Of course he has made me look quite foolish, and there is nothing that makes me happier. (The Dodgers winning, not me looking foolish)

Wright has now pitched in eight games, working nine innings. He has a 1-0 record and a 2.00 ERA. His peripherals look even better. He has only allowed two hits and two runs. Those only runs coming in that first San Diego series. Now he has walked five batters to raise his walk per nine rate up to 5.0. However three of those walks were in the San Diego series, so since then he has only walked two. He has whiffed ten batters including five consecutive hitters in the Milwaukee series, and he has yet to allow a home run. His whiff per nine rate is an awesome 10.0. Oh Jamey I am so sorry.

Jamey Wright is 37-years old, right handed, and from Oklahoma City. Wright has now pitched for nine different teams, but originally was drafted and made his MLB debut with Colorado back in 1996. Yes he has been around that long. He has an 86-121 career record with a 4.92 ERA. Last season while with the Mariners, he appeared in 60 games, posting a 2-3 record, a 3.16 ERA, and one save in 68 innings. Wright’s quirky sense of humor is pretty refreshing for a non-roster guy.

Wright is actually pretty versatile when he is pitching well. That is because he can work as a long man, middle relief, or occasional spot starter. He impressed the Dodgers out of spring training to grab a roster post as a non-roster invite. His Spring training performance was good, and he has been more than just a mop-up guy. The Dodgers signed him to a 900,000 dollar contract for this season.

Wright has been known as a ground ball pitcher with a career opponents OPS on ground balls of .437, and if he keeps on pitching so well, then he will have to stay too. So again I want to apologize to Wright. I am so sorry Jamey. I swear I will never say another bad thing about Jamey Wright again. Unless he starts to suck again of course, in that case I will be the first to throw him under the bus. Aren’t I a trouble maker?