A Report from Wrigley


Hey everyone…again, I apologize for the long wait. I’m nearing the tail end of my travels (home in five days!), and will be posting much more frequently then. I wanted to give you a little run down of my weekend.

No, not my night at the bar or the movie I saw (Avengers – highly recommended, by the way). But my day spent last Saturday at Wrigley Field watching our Dodgers dismantle the last place Chicago Cubs!

Even though the bullpen blew it again on Sunday and helped us drop two out of three, I got lucky and went to the game on Saturday, which the Dodgers thoroughly dominated. This was my tenth different stadium visited, but the first time I’ve seen the Dodgers play outside of California.

And let me tell you, it was absolutely epic. Wrigley Field is a lot like Dodger Stadium in person, in that it has wide open seating and not a lot of gimmicks to go with it. There are classic ball park foods, no fancy bells and whistles on the scoreboard, and just an old-school baseball experience.

My seats (pictured above) were close enough to the left field bleachers that I could watch drunk Cubs fans play drinking games, and I got a great view of the ivy. What was especially cool was the field seemed to be in incredible condition.

I loved the rooftop seats past the outfield walls, it was an element of baseball stadiums you’ll never see anywhere else. And they don’t call it the Windy City for nothing. My goodness. In Matt Kemp‘s first three at-bats, he hit bombs. Where did they land? Nestled softly in the outfielder’s glove right on the warning track.

As for the game itself, Chris Capuano did his thing, further proving that Ned Colletti made a fantastic move snagging him this winter. The offense produced, and though Kemp was robbed by Mother Nature, we scrapped together enough runs to put the Cubbies away.

Technically, Cappy won the game himself. He allowed zero runs (Chicago added one in the ninth against the bullpen, naturally), and drove in two on a double early on. Very impressive all around performance from the southpaw.

I highly recommend for all you Dodgers fans to take the chance to see our boys play outside of Dodger Stadium. I love Chavez Ravine as much as the next fan, but it’s a really awesome experience seeing them play in another legendary stadium, such as the friendly confines of Wrigley.

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