Dodgers Punt Away Game to Giants with Buntapalooza

Giants    2 6 0Dodgers 1 8 0WP-Vogelsong-1-2LP-Kershaw-2-1SV-Casilla-6HR-Pill-2

Wow, this game sucked. On a night that we learned that Josh Hamilton hit four home runs in a game, and went 5 for 5, the Dodgers could barley muster up one run against Ryan Vogelsong. Of course it was only because Manager Don Buntingly punted the game away by having several batters bunting during the seventh and eighth innings, including Uribe bunting into an inning ending  (excuse me, it didn’t end the inning, but basically killed any chances of scoring.) double play. This is only the second time Kershaw has lost to the Giants ever, and ends his streak of 12 consecutive decisions at home without a loss. Kershaw’s only mistake was a single to Posey, and two-run home run to Brett Pill in the second inning. The Dodgers were only able to score one run, on a double by Ethier, and a run scoring double form Loney. I want to start an anti-bunting establishment, who is with me?

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

In the top of the first, Uribe makes a nice backhanded stab of Angel Pagan’s chopper to third. Ryan “Tootblan” Therot, the former Dodger loser, flies out to Bison. Melky Cabrerra weakly pops out to end things in the first. Kershaw needs only ten pitches to retire the Giants in order.

Gordon leads off the first inning with a little infield dribbler to the first base side and beats it out for an infield hit. Mark Ellis comes up and grounds into a double play to halt any chances of scorin’. Bison grounds out, and the Dodgers don’t score.

Top of the second. Kershaw begins to struggle.  Buster Posey leads off with a single. Brett Pill follows by hitting a hanging pitch over the left field wall for his second home run. The Giants score first, and lead2-0. Joaquin Arias whiffs.  Brandon Belt walks. Brandon Crawford, Brandon number two, singles to center. Vogelsong sacrifices the runners to second and third. It is imperative we keep the Giants from doing any further damage here. Kershaw gets back on track, and whiffs Angel Pagan, to end the threat. That is only the fourth home run Kershaw has allowed to the Giants ever. Remember he allowed three home runs in his last start. Let’s hope this is just an anomaly, helped by that flu bug he had on opening day.

The Dodgers would get on the board in the bottom of the second. Ethier doubles to the wall. Juan Rivera flies out to center. It is deep enough for Ethier to tag up and go to third. James Loney gets himself a late birthday gift with an RBI double that goes to the wall. Ethier scores, and the Dodgers are within one, score of 2-1. Uribe flies out. The Giants intentionally walk A.J. Ellis, and whiff Kershaw to end the inning.

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Kershaw retires the Giants in order in the top of the third, seemingly settling down. In the bottom of the third, the Dodgers threaten, putting two on, but can’t score. Mark Ellis, and Matt Kemp, both single, with one out. Andre Ethier grounds into a double play, and that was that. Both pitchers retire their respective sides in the fourth, and fifth innings, and we move to the top of the sixth.

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Kershaw makes Mely Cabrera’s bat explode on a grounder to third. Uribe keeps it in front of him, as pieces of Melky’s bat flutter around him crawling on the ground to grab the ball, but Cabrera is safe. Posey flies out to Rivera. Pill whiffs for the third out of the inning. Still 2-1 SF. The Dodgers go down 123 in the bottom of the sixth. Matt Kemp makes a nice running catch against the wall of Jaoquin Arias long fly ball, in the top of the seventh.

Move to the bottom of the seventh. Rivera singles off of Crawford’s glove. A one hop smash the youngster couldn’t handle. Loney singles to right, and we got something cooking here. Then Don Mattingly decides this is a good time to bunt. Joy! You all know how much I just love bunting. Of course I am being sarcastic, as there is nothing I hate more than Bunting, and blown saves. So Uribe is asked to bunt, and of course, he has not a dam clue as to how to. He bunts, the ball it dies in front of the plate, and the Giants, go from third, to first with a double play. A.J. Ellis pops out to end the inning, and we don’t get anything.

Stop the Bunting!-Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Kershaw gets through the eighth inning with little opposition. Pagan singles with one out, but Kersh gets Tootblan to ground into a double play to end the inning. Kershaw goes eight innings, allowing only two runs, on five hits, walked one, ad whiffed seven. In comparison, opposing starter Vogelsong, went 7.1, allowing one run, eight hits, three walks. But only one whiff. Probably because the Dodgers basically were giving away outs.

Bottom of the eighth. Bobby Abreu leads off, batting for Kershaw, and draws a walk. The game again turns back into a buntapalooza. Gordon bunts, but is able to beat it out, as the Giants can’t make the play. Of course, then Mark Ellis is asked to bunt the runners to second and third. Bunting is so stupid. I swear I hate it. Ellis bunts the runners along, but now we have given away an out, and we all know what the Giants will do here. They predictably walk Matt Kemp to load the bases, and then bring in Lefty Javier Lopez to pitch to Ethier. Dre was 1 for 6 against Lopez. And of course he grounds into an inning ending double play. I am seething with frustration.


Top of the ninth, sees Javy Guerra do a nice job and pitch a scoreless frame. Lopez is left out for the bottom of the ninth. I can understand why the Giants left him in. So He retires Gywnn on a grounder back to the box. Not sure if Rivera was hurt or not, but Gwynn pinch ran for him in the seventh. Loney a signature ground out to the right side. The Giants make a pitching change and bring in their closer with Blackbeard DL’d, Santiago Casilla. He gets Uribe to ground out, and the Dodgers Bunt the game away to the Giants by a score of 2-1.

I seriously hate bunting. You should never be bunting unless the pitcher is up, and there is no chance of getting a hit. All it does is just give away outs. Yes bunting IS giving away outs. This loss in on Don Buntingly’s head. Please stop the bunting.  Think about it.  Tomorrow, Chad Billingsley takes on Tim Lincecum, in the rubber game at 7:10PM. Check in with us tomorrow. Same Dodger time, same Dodger channel. Go Blue.