Can Aaron Harang go Home Again?

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Aaron Harang-2-2 vs. Edinson Volquez-2-2

You know what they say, you can’t go home again. Or can you? Can Aaron Harang, former Padre go home again? That should have been the main question asked for today’s pregame post. Instead it takes a backseat, to the question of why in gods name is Don Mattingly batting that useless Bum Adam Kennedy fifth? Seeing A.J. Ellis being buried at the bottom of the lineup again, is also a little disappointing

Just check out this lineup. I am happy that Bobby Abreu, Tony Gwynn, A.J. Ellis, and Mark Ellis are back in the lineup. This lineup looks much better. Except for one little problem. Mattingly has Kennedy the worst hitter in Baseball, batting behind one of our best hitters. If you can believe it, Kennedy the “outmaker” is batting behind Andre Ethier. So expect to see Ethier constantly walked when there is a base open, and of course Kennedy will just continue to make outs.


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Just how bad is Adam Kennedy? He is horrendous. He has only seven hits on the season, he is batting .179. and his OBP is a non-existent .292. This means that he does not get on base at all, period. He is in fact an automatic out. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand what Mattingly sees in this Bum? Just DFA him already and cut the cord.

As for the pitching match-ups, Aaron Harang will draw righty Edinson Volquez. We saw Volquez in the first series of the season back in April, and he didn’t look very sharp. Volquez has a long history of control problems. Since the Dodgers beat him that day, he has been pretty good. His record is 2-2, but his ERA is a fine 2.79. His 25 walks in 48 innings, and 4.5 walk rate per nine this season is what has really hurt him. Of course he has also fallen victim to San Diego’s lousy run support. Not many Dodgers have many plate appearances against him. Lookng at the numbers I see Kennedy is hitting .286 against Volquez, in seven at-bats. Ooooooh, wait, that’s why he is playing Kennedy right? Mattingly is going for the match-up. I hate match-ups. If you remember Joe Torre our former manager, loved to play match-ups, and they never worked. Match-ups only work when you have a major league hitter to utilize, and of course we all know Adam Kennedy is far from being any kind of a major league hitter. It’s like Mattingly takes one step forward and then two steps backwards.

As for Harang, he was noticeably nervous in his last start at Petco Park back in April, which ended in a loss for him. This time the San Diego native is coming off of one of his best starts of the season. he pitched eight innings and only allowed one run, in getting his second win last week at Dodger Stadium. His record this season is the same as Volquez’s at 2-2, his ERA is at 4.46. Harang has always pitched well at Petco Park. Harang is 10-8 with a 3.25 ERA, 116 whiffs, and a whiff per nine rate of about 7.0 pitching in the big park.

Tonight’s game is on at 7:10PM, and televised on Prime Ticket. After tonight’s game the Dodgers will come home for a three game series against the Cardinals, then go back on the road for three in Arizona, then back home for a seven game home-stand against Houston and Milwaukee which will lead them through the end of May.

It’s very important we get the win tonight and get back on track. Jeremy will have the postgame recap directly following the game. So please stay with us. How many rallies will the outmaker ruin tonight? How many bases loaded pitching changes will Mattingly make tonight? Keep it here to find out. Go Blue.