Looking Ahead…Way Ahead


Money, money, moneyyyyyyyyy! The Dodgers are rich now, and everyone knows it. We hit the jackpot with the sale of the club to Stan Kasten, Magic Johnson and Co.

Not only are they commited to winning, but this group has very deep pockets. Like so deep that they threw literally billions of dollars into the ring to buy the Dodgers franchise.

Well…get ready for some fancy new things, Dodger fans.

This is when we get to have fun. When we’re playing so well, that I can kick back, relax, and make a wish list for what the 2013 team will look like.

Here goes nothin’…

2013 Starting Lineup

1. Dee Gordon, SS – I know he’s thrived in the eighth spot, but with this lineup, there’s nowhere else logical to put him. Maybe he can switch with A.J. Ellis if things aren’t going well again.

2. Mark Ellis/Elian Herrera, 2B – I’ve loved watching Herrera blossom in Ellis’ absence, but Mark is a veteran leader who plays flawless defense and is a perfect number two hitter. Ellis should keep the seat warm for young Elian.

3. Josh Hamilton, LF – YEP. It’s a contract year. I’m not sure how the Rangers can afford him, considering they are already over budget. If the Dodgers can snake Hamilton from the rest of the league, this could be the best outfield of all time.

4. Matt Kemp, CF – Obviously. Hamilton/Kemp back to back? That’s just nasty. Arguably the two best players in baseball in the same lineup makes Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder in Detroit look like nothing.

5. Andre Ethier, RF – The Dodgers are going to have to pony up to keep ‘Dre in Dodger Blue, but why wouldn’t they? Everyone knows how capable he is of putting up huge numbers when healthy.

6. A.J. Ellis, C – Ellis is going to be due for a pretty sizable extension after this season, the way he’s getting on base and handling the pitching staff.

7. James Loney, 1B – I am a huge Loney fan. His career averages are .286/14/85…in this lineup those numbers probably go higher. Plus, he’s a Gold Glove-caliber defender.

8. Jerry Hairston, Jr., 3B – It would be an even bigger bonus if the Dodgers could snag Kevin Youkilis from the Red Sox, but I think J.H.J. has earned a shot at a full-time gig. He’s been clutch as clutch can be for this team.

9. Clayton Kershaw, SP – Duh. Just give him the extension now, thanks.


1. Kershaw – see above

2. Zack Greinke – He’s not going to re-sign in Milwaukee, and would be dominant in such a nice pitcher’s park.

3. Cole Hamels – This is where it starts to get expensive. Hamels will demand top dollar, and the Dodgers would be foolish not to snag him.

4. Chris Capuano – He’s earned the chance to come back and be a factor in this rotation.

5. Aaron Harang – He’ll play out his contract as a slightly-above-average fifth starter.

Yes, that means Billingsley is gone. Hallelujah! Wrapping up Hamilton, Hamels AND Greinke, not to mention extending Ethier, Ellis and Kershaw in the offseason…we could be looking at a very expensive offseason for the Dodgers. It’s not probable, but it’s certainly possible with the type of money these owners have.

If we were to sign the three aforementioned free agents, and extend the three in-house, you’re looking at a minimum of $80 million/season in contracts to those six alone, plus what they are already owing Kemp…the Dodgers could crack a $200 million payroll with ease.

That being said…how sexy does that roster look?! Viva los Doyers!

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