Lasorda’s Lair Namesake Tommy Lasorda Recovering After Mild Heart Attack


Our site’s namesake, former manager, and Dodger Legend Tommy Lasorda has Suffered a Mild Heart Attack while attending the MLB draft in New York. Apparently Tommy fell ill on Monday and was transferred to the hospital. Fortunately Doctors expect Tommy to recover and he should be released from the hospital on Wednesday.

It appears possible that Tommy’s dieting and age may be catching up to him. The 84 year old lifelong Dodger legend suffered a mild heart attack in June of 1996 causing him to retire as Dodger manager. Lasorda has been a Dodger for 63 years, one of the longest tenures in the history of Baseball. Lasorda has been a Dodger pitcher, coach, and manager. Lasorda managed the Dodgers from 1977-1996, won four NL pennants and two world Series Championships as Dodger Manager, and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame and had his number retired by the Dodgers (2)

Thank god Tommy is ok. Tommy is a legend, and while he may not have the kindest mouth in the world, his passion for Dodger Blue is unparalleled. Tommy has become a Dodger and sports cultural icon, and an ambassador to the game of Baseball. It is also well known that Tommy’s belly has a life of it’s own. Let’s pray for Tommy and his belly’s speedy recovery. I hope Tommy is back soon doing what he does best, rooting passionately for the Dodgers and swearing like a sailor.