A.J. Ellis Signing Recap


Today I took my five-year old daughter to her first Dodger player autograph session. Scott and I have many fond memories of collecting Dodger autographs when we were kids, and we still cherish those written monikers to this day. Each signature has a special story or meaning behind it. Scott and I normally obtained our autographs at Dodger Stadium by waiting after each game. Nowadays there’s a lot of player signings, although they aren’t quite free like the old days.

A.J. Ellis signed yesterday afternoon at All Star Collectibles, a sports memorabilia store inside the Topanga Promenade in Woodland

Hills, CA. It’s only about a half hour drive for me, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to bring my daughter to meet her very first Dodger. She has been to Dodger games, and she watches the games on a daily basis with me. So she knows who A.J. Ellis is, and she was very excited to meet the catcher.

We arrived a bit early, and we were lucky to be only the second group in line. Kaila chose an official MLB baseball for A.J. to sign.

When we met A.J., he was very attentive to my daughter and chatted with her for a bit. She was a bit shy, but I can tell that she will have this memory forever. A.J. was such a nice person, and you can tell he was appreciative of his fans. Thanks A.J. for making my daughter’s day!