Punchless Dodgers Look to Punch Through Mets in Game Three


Dodgers Lineup vs. Mets

Gordon 6Herrera 7Hairston 4Rivera 3A.. Ellis 2Van Slyke 9Uribe 5Gwynn 8Eovaldi 1

Johan Santana-5-4 vs. Nathan Eovaldi-0-4

Last night as I battled Strep throat and fever, I thought I was in delirium. The Los Angeles Ohfers, Er I mean, the Los Angeles Dodgers were being blown out 9-0 by the Mets at Dodger Stadium. A 37 year old knuckleballer who had previously never won more than 11 games in his career, blanked the Dodgers on four hits. Hey but ya know, we make everyone look like an all-star of late. The Dodgers have lost six in a row, and ten of their last eleven games, and have been shutout in four of the last five, and have only scored two runs in their last five games. The last time the Dodgers won a game was last Saturday at Anaheim.

This was for sure, some kind of fever induced hellish hallucination right? No unfortunately this was reality, as the Dodgers continue to free fall in the standings as their pathetic injury riddled automatic out laden lineup continues to infuriate Dodger fans with their incompetence. Matt Kemp is hurt, Andre Ethier is hurt, Mark Ellis is hurt, Ted Lilly is hurt, Javy Guerra is hurt, and yet the Dodgers are still in the race thanks to their great start, for now. They remain in second place (43-35), only one game behind the hated Giants. Remember when we all said how much we would need all those early wins? well……

During the game last night, trade rumors began to swirl, and it appears that some kind of trade is imminent. Rumors are the Dodgers are in discussions with Astros’ first baseman Carlos Lee. According to reports, the deal is close to happening, but the Dodgers would have to pay the remaining salary on Lee’s contract, or part with a minor league prospect. The early rumors involved Dodger’s top pitching prospect Zack Lee. Relax Dodger fans, Zack Lee is not being traded. If the Dodgers do have to throw in a prospect, it might be Garrett Gould. Astros second baseman Jed Lowrie, was also involved in the discussions, according to the rumors, but it looks like it will be just Carlos Lee in a salary dump. We’ll let you know if any trade news breaks, so don’t wander far away.

In the meantime, the games don’t stop, and oh hey look there is another one today. The Dodgers will try to somehow win a game, although I think we all know it they use the same pathetic lineup full of outs, that’s not going to happen.

Today the Dodgers will have to face yet another tough pitcher, Lefty Johan Santana. The Venezuelan former Cy Young winner pitched the first no-hitter in Met’s history earlier this season against the Cardinals. The 33 year old veteran won two Cy young awards during his days in Minnesota. He won one in 2004, when he posted a 20-6 record, a 2.61 ERA, and 265 whiffs. He won his second Cy Young award in 2006 when he posted a 19-6 record, 2.77 ERA, and 245 whiffs. He’s a four time all-star, and has a 138-73 career record, and a .654 career winning percentage. Quite impressive indeed. This season he is 5-4 with a 3.00 ERA, and 90 whiffs in 90 innings pitched. Remember he missed all of 2011 after having major reconstructive arm surgery. Because of this he has been on short pitch counts. In looking at his numbers, The only start where he pitched past the sixth inning was his no-hitter. His last start against Chicago, he lasted six innings, and allowed two runs on five hits, but took the loss because the Mets only scored one run. Against the Dodgers Santana is 4-0 with a 0.65 ERA, so year runs aren’t happening, sorry guys. The Dodgers collectively are hitting just .149, (22 for 148). Yes that bad. Juan Uribe, is hitting .145 (9 for 62), because you know, its Juan Uribe. Juan Rivera is 2 for 14, (.143), Jerry Hairston is 0 for 15 against Santana. The only Dodger to have any success off of him has been Bobby Abreu, who is hitting .429 (3 for 7), with a home run, and a double. The Dodgers have hit three home runs off Santana, (Abreu, Uribe!, and Adam Kennedy!)

The Dodgers will counter with rookie right hander Nathan Eovaldi. The rook had his worst outing of the season last week in San Francisco, where he looked completely overwhelmed. He allowed eight runs in five innings, and the Dodgers were blown out. The Dodgers never ever score runs for him, similar to Hiroki Kuroda. The Dodgers have only scored three runs for Eovaldi all season long. The rookie filling in for the injured Ted Lilly, is 0-4 this year, with a 4.04 ERA. Eovaldi has never faced the Mets before, and is 0-1 with a 2.08 ERA at home.

Will the Dodgers ever win again? Things are looking quite grim of late. The entire lineup is unplayable and it is painfully clear that if the Dodgers don’t get help soon, they will continue to sink in the standings. You just can’t win games with a minor league lineup full of automatic outs. We have no third baseman, and our first baseman hasn’t had a hit since 1962. (while looking stylish in his new goggles) Scott Van Slyke has bombed in right field while filling on for Ethier, making bumbling errors, and whiffing at the plate. The rest of the guys have been no help of late either, despite filing in admirably earlier this season.

This will be a special game for us here at Lasorda’s Lair. Our very own Stacie Wheeler will be covering her first game live from the Dodger Stadium Press-Box today, as a credentialed member of the media. So look for a special postgame from Stacie live from the Dodger Stadium Press-Box. Stacie is my big sister, partner, co-editor, and a huge creative force behind this site. I know she will make us all proud tomorrow! I want to thank all of our readers for helping us get to this point. Tomorrow’s game is a special 415PM start time, and will be televised on FOX. There is a lot going on right now behind closed doors, so why the heck am I still in bed? Stupid germs. Go Blue.