Phillies Come To Town, and Why I Think The Dodgers Should Stand Pat at Trade Deadline


Joe Blanton-7-8 vs. Nathan Eovaldi-1-5


Hairston 3B

Ellis 2B

Kemp CF

Ethier RF

Rivera LF

Loney 1B

Cruz SS

Ellis C

Eovaldi P

The Dodgers found out more news on the injury to Starting pitcher Chad Billingsley. The right hander was scratched from his start yesterday after complaining about Soreness in his arm, more specifically his right elbow. Chris Capuano was moved up a day, and started in his spot.

MRI results revealed a strained flexor muscle, and inflammation. The Dodgers are uncertain as to when Bills will be able to pitch again. For now, Bills is out indefinitely, and it’s another injury in a long line of them that are slowly but surely ruining this season for the Dodgers. Clayton Kershaw is still scheduled to pitch on Wednesday against Cliff Lee, and Nathan Eovaldi will pitch tonight, but tomorrow night’s starter against the Phillies remains uncertain. Candidates are Minor league starters, Stephen Fife, and or John Ely. Could we see a return of Elymania?

In the meantime the Dodgers open a three game series with Philadelphia, after losing two of three to San Diego. Speaking of the season being ruined, the Dodgers are dangerously close to sinking back into mediocrity.  Have to admit, after seeing how the team has played over the last four weeks or so, the Dodgers terrible play has changed my mind. I am going to take an opinion that many Dodger fans may not like, but I have to be honest with myself, and with our readers. I love the Dodgers, but I just don’t think the team has it this year. There are way too many injuries, and the team has no corner infielders. The thing is, the lack of decent corner infielders is what’s really killing the team, and I don’t think the Dodgers have anyone they can trade. They have money, yes, the new ownership has deep pockets, and is willing to spend whatever money it takes to improve the team. Here is the problem with that, they just don’t have the trade chips to make deals. What are trade chips?

Trade chips are prospects. Despite what the stat heads may think, not every prospect is going to be a major leaguer, or hall of famer. Most prospects don’t make it anyways, but they do have value in that they can bring in players via trade. Other than Zack Lee, who else do the Dodgers have in the minors? Anyone who is remotely good is already with the big club. I’m sorry but minor leaguers who have been in the minor leagues for five years or more, are probably not going to have a long and successful major league career, hey I am just saying.

Now if the Dodgers can acquire someone like a Chase Headley for cheap, then great. I mean I would trade Chris Withrow, and Garrett Gould for Headley, or Ryan Dempster in a heartbeat. However other teams may not think that’s enough to give up their good players. Should the Dodgers trade Zack Lee? I don’t think so. I mean look the Dodgers have sucked for weeks now. Right now they are at their lowest mark since the beginning of April, only six games above .500, and they just lost two of three to the lowly Padres. Yes, they can’t even beat the Padres, that’s how much they suck right now. The Dodgers have lost six of their last seven series, and fallen back into second place.

Before you start getting mad and saying how I’m not a true fan, or I don’t believe or some bull like that, listen. I love the Dodgers, and I bleed blue. I am their biggest fan in the world. I’m obsessed with the Dodgers and even can’t pull myself away even when they suck. I still watched every game even during years where they finished at the bottom of the division. However, I have to be realistic. The truth is after watching this team play for weeks, and lose just about every series for the last month, I have changed my mind. I used to believe that this team was going to competitive, but their awful play over the last month has proved otherwise, and I just don’t see it anymore, Can you blame me? I’m sorry but I just don’t see it this year. Even with Kemp and Ethier back, they still lose, and to the Padres, makes me believe we should just hold onto Lee, and not make some stupid trade just to finish with an 84-78 record. Yes I think Kemp and Ethier, and the generally solid pitching staff should keep them in games, but I just can’t see this team competing with top teams like Washington, or the Reds, or Texas, whatever. Last night’s game gave reason as to why I am right. The injuries and incompetent infielders accounted for five errors last night, and six runs allowed over the last three innings. The pitching has been crap lately. Anyways, the infield committed four errors last night. Our third baseman is a worthless fat piece of crap and is hitting .194. Our first baseman can’t even hit above .250, and has only hit two home runs. The roster needs to be rebuilt, and we’ll have to wait for the off-season to make those necessary changes. Don’t mistake me, I don’t think the Dodgers are going to finish last place or anything, they will finish second place, at worst third place, but as far as making the playoffs, I just don’t see it, and I don’t think the Dodgers should be trading away their future just to justify a hot start, and to try and finish with 85 wins. I am just being realistic, not being negative. Just way too many injuries and lousy infielders. You can’t win with no corner infielders. Of course I do hope that I am wrong.

Anyways, the Phillies come into town for their last series against the Dodgers. If you remember the Dodgers swept a four game series at Philadelphia back in early June back when the Dodger’s season was still hopeful, before the Bums and injuries sunk them. Now of course they are sinking in the standings, and the Phillies know all about that. The Phillies are in last place with a 39-51 record 14 games behind Washington. This time the Phillies have Chase Utley, and Ryan Howard back. Roy Halladay also makes his return from injury on Tuesday night.

Tonight righty Joe Blanton takes the hill for Philadelphia. Blanton is 1-0 with a 3,52 ERA against the Dodgers in five career starts. The Dodgers have hit him very well in the past. The Boys in Blue are batting .304 (38 for 125) with three home runs, and 18 RBIs. Matt Kemp is hitting .250 (4 for 16) with a home run and two RBIs. Andre Ethier is hitting .350 (7 for 20) with two home runs against Blanton. Everyone has hit this guy. Adam Kennedy is batting .280 ( 7 for 25), Juan Rivera is hitting .417! (5 for 12), and holy crap, even our very own James “groundball” Loney is batting .533 (8 for 15). Everyone has hit Blanton, so I better see some runs cored tonight, and I mean it.  Last time out against the Braves he allowed five runs in 6.1 innings He has allowed 11 straight home runs, and is 7-8 with a 4.98 ERA against the league.

The Dodgers will counter with Nathan Eovaldi, who was moved up because of Bill’s injury. Eovaldi finally won his first game of the season last start against Arizona. Young Nathan is 1-5 with a 4.21 ERA this year, even though the Dodgers only scored four measly runs in his five losses, but of course that is par for the course with this year’s team. Anyways, Eovaldi has never faced the Phillies, and the only Phillie with any AB’s against Eovaldi is Ty Wigginton, who is 0 for 2. Tune in at 7PM on KCAL to catch the game, and over here afterwards for our game recap, whether it’s a win or a lose. (I won’t be happy if I see another loss tonight)

I think at this point we all just need to accept the mediocrity, but I’ve had enough of the losing. I better see runs and a win tonight. Come on guys get it together. Go Blue.