The 4th Out: Dodger Blue New Regime – by Nick Hamilton


Every Los Angeles Dodger fan across the land was excited when they heard the news that the team had been sold to the Guggenheim Group.  Which consist of CEO Mark Walter, Stan Kasten, and former Laker Earvin Magic Johnson from the grips of Frank McCourt.

What better time for it to happen during the historic year long celebration of the 50th anniversary of Dodger Stadium or as Dodger legend Steve Garvey calls it a cathedral of baseball. The team started out red hot, but eventually returned to earth due to injuries from superstars Matt Kemp and Andre Either. The team struggled at various times however made strides to stay competitive especially against their arch nemesis the San Francisco Giants.

Kasten made many promises and one of those were being aggressive at the trade deadline. The Dodgers still have GM Ned Colletti and with the exception of signing Manny Ramirez who guided the Dodgers to back to back NLCS appearances, hasn’t made many significant moves in his entire tenure. With additions of Hanley Ramirez, Brandon League, Joe Blanton, and Shane Victorino, the Dodgers somehow look to continue to be competitive and achieve their goal of winning the NL West.

The Dodgers sought out power in the lead off spot, and they settled for Victorino. I would’ve been high on Victorino if this had taken place 2-3 years ago, but the fact of the matter is the guy is old, and could be questionable on the Dodgers resign priority list this off-season. The better acquisition from the Phillies would’ve been Hunter Pence instead. Pence is  younger and more of a significant power bat, ask the Giants who ended up acquiring him in a trade. Hanley has been very good since his Dodger debut, and has contributed significantly. Pitchers Joe Blanton, and Brandon League have been absolutely horrible.

Of course the signing of Matt Kemp was a no brainer, it seems the only true success Ned Colletti has had is with the players last name being Ramirez. Colletti’s time as GM has to come to an end. During the off-season, it’s time to find a young, energetic, and sound GM who knows talent and help the Dodgers get back to the World Series.

It’s not going to be an easy off-season for the team with the Los Angeles Kings winning the 2012 Stanley Cup, the Clippers improving significantly, and the Los Angeles Lakers who are now the number one team in the city since the addition of Dwight Howard. The Dodgers truly have their off-season work cut out for them.

With money to spend, a great recruiter in Magic Johnson, the brilliant baseball mind of Stan Kasten, the sky is the limit to bring in big names like Josh Hamilton, Cliff Lee, or Justin Morneau. There is no excuse for failure or a terrible season in Dodgertown.

Who’s ready for a parade down Figueroa? I know I am, and this new Dodger regime is on the clock. This is Los Angeles and fans don’t like waiting a long period of time, and ask yourselves, hasn’t it been long enough?