A Public Service Announcement From Dodger Fans to Giant Fans


After last night’s Dodgers/Giants game, and more home losery, the Dodgers were swept in three games. The team has now fallen to 2.5 games behind the Giants in the NL West, and are sinking in the standings. Going 6-12 at home since the all-star break and only winning one home series will do that to any team. Keep in mind the Dodgers also went 14-6 on the road since the all-star break. This was the third sweep in a row between the two teams. The Dodgers swept the Giants in San Francisco during the last series in late July. The two teams don’t play each other again, until September 7-9 in San Francisco, and of course the final three games of the season October 1-3 at Dodger Stadium. The Giants now lead the season series 7-5.

Some of the Giants fans were getting pretty cocky on twitter last night. I’m sure they were just reveling in it. Some were already claiming the division race over, despite the fact there are like 35 games left to play. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch Giant fans. The series was a nightmare. Matt Kemp, and Andre Ethier couldn’t hit the entire series. Total disaster. Anyways, It was disgusting. So in response to that dreadful series, here’s a nice little message from us to you Giant fans….Have a nice day! Stay Classy San Francisco!