How I Met Vin Scully~Well Hello There Young Man~


The Dodgers are expected to announce today, that the greatest sportscaster in the history of the world, and the voice of the Dodgers will be returning for another season in 2013. Thank you Lord! According to an Article from Bill Shakin of the LATimes. Vin Scully, the voice of the Dodgers will bless us again with another year of his beautiful voice. The 84 year old Scully will be entering his unpararelled 64th season behind the mic. Oh and by the way, I met him yesterday during my first venture into the Dodger press-box.

As I looked to get something to drink before the game, I got up to enter the media dining room area. This is a small room behind the press box, in which you can grab a Dodger dog, or get a drink. As soon as I looked into the dining room, I saw him there in front of the soda machine. There he was, my hero. I have always dreamed of the day where I might meet Vin Scully. I think every Dodger fan has right? What would I say to him? Would I be able to compose myself? Perhaps I would just stumble over my own words, or just stand there and stare like a zombie? I had to regain my composure and act fast. I might not get this chance again. I rushed into the media dining room, shaking. I was trembling. As you know by now, I was born into blue as a life-long die hard Dodger fanatic. My grandfather was buried wearing his 1988 world series championship sweatshirt and hat, and my Uncle attended Sandy Koufax’s perfect game as a 13 year old paperboy, who saved his money to sit in the left field pavilion. I was put to bed listening to Vin on the radio, like most life-long Dodger fans. Hearing Vinny’s voice is like a breath of fresh air.

I briskly walked towards the soda machines, and there he was. He was getting coffee. I was able to somehow compose myself just enough. As Vin was getting his coffee he was whispering “coffee mmmmm Coffee” with a smile on his face. So in case any of you didn’t know, Vinny likes his coffee.

As I was getting my iced tea, I turned to Vin, stuck out my hand, and said “Hi Mr. Scully, how are you? It’s nice to meet you”. Vin turned around our eyes met, and he extended his hand and said…..


"“Well Hello there young man, it’s nice to meet you too!”"


OMG. He shook my hand, and then walked out. I got back to my seat, and was still shaking. I was trembling. My hero just shook my hand. The greatest Dodger ever, said hello to me. Of all the things I wanted to do before I die, this is number one. (Other than seeing the Dodgers win a World Series) So next season when we are listening to Vin’s wonderful voice again, I will never forget the day I met Vin Scully. My heart was soaring. I guess I can now cross this off of my bucket list.