The 4th Out: Are The Dodgers an arm away from the World Series? – by Nick Hamilton


After the Los Angeles Dodgers pulled off a blockbuster trade that included top notch first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, and pitcher Josh Beckett, the Dodgers have still struggled in many areas including the bullpen. In a game against the Colorado Rockies, the bullpen gave up seven unearned runs which was absolutely pathetic.

With Chad Billingsley now being shut down for the year, and sound closer Kenley Jansen on verge of also being shut down due to a heart condition, the Dodgers are in serious jeopardy of missing the playoffs this year. With the moves made on the hitting side, are the Dodgers just an arm away from capturing that World Series title? A title hasn’t been seen in Los Angeles since 1988.
My answer would be yes, and the type of arm they need would be Cliff Lee from the Phillies, remember they claimed Lee off of waivers a month ago but were unable to close the deal. Another name that could surface could be Felix Hernandez, he has two years remaining on his deal, and highly doubt he’ll resign long term with the Seattle Mariners.

With new ownership in place for the Dodgers, this group is committed to winning and the only owners I’d trust to pull off a move of this magnitude in the off-season for one of these stellar pitchers.

As I’ve stated before this team has to gel, and its going to take time for all of them to get on the same page. Next season will definitely be much better, a healthy Matt Kemp, Andre Either, Adrian Gonzalez, hopefully a healthy Carl Crawford whom I think is still a bum until he proves otherwise. Along with solid pitching staff, can you imagine having Clayton Kershaw, healthy Chad Billingsley, Chris Capuano, and either Felix Hernandez or Cliff Lee in that rotation, wow.

Can you see a parade around Dodger Stadium in 2013, along with Dodger blue fans lining the streets of downtown Los Angeles? I sure can, and see the proper steps to making this city a Dodger town again. Well at least be a respectable team in Los Angeles with the Lakers, Kings and Galaxy.

Here’s a hint for Billingsley, go to Germany and see the same doctor that Kobe Bryant, Grant Hill and other saw for their injuries if you want to have a spectacular season in 2013.