The 4th Out: Don Mattingly not long term manager for championship team


L.A. Dodgers manager

Don Mattingly

I’ve talked to many people who have had the pleasure of being in the company of current Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly. They’ve told me that he is very easy to speak with, a knowledgeable baseball guy who has a very nice demeanor. When I spoke to Joe Torre weeks ago regarding his friend, he sounded very sure and convincing that Mattingly is truly the right man for the job. Along with how he would basically prove the doubters wrong. Far from me to argue with a great manager like Joe Torre, but I must along with several others.

Donny baseball was one of the premiere players in the game for the New York Yankees, one of my favorites in fact especially watching classic footage of him. Fast forward to the 2012 season and I along with many Dodger fans and analysts have questioned many of his methods. Those methods include decision making sometimes its either too slow or too late where it will effect the outcome of a crucial ball game. Granted Mattingly is not on the field playing and cannot force his players to hit. I question his sense of urgency with this team especially free falling out of first place in their division. I think he strives to be too nice to some of his players sometimes, which can effect their work ethic of how hard they have to perform.

I have watched many great managers like Terry Francona, Mike Scioscia, Bobby Cox, Joe Madden, even Charlie Manuel do their jobs with excellence and timing. They demand greatness of their players and their players seem to stand up to the challenge and perform.
Something that Mattingly as a manager has not consistently displayed. Mattingly knows talent, and would be an excellent talent scout for this Dodger team, but a manager that would take this team to the promise land, I’d say emphatically – Hell no!

Then reading the report that Dodgers GM Ned Colletti says Mattingly will return for the 2013 season is an absolute joke. I love the ownership group of Stan Kasten, Mark Walter, and Magic Johnson, they have been best group since the O’Malley family.
If the ownership group is serious about winning a World Series Championship, then I would suggest that they reevaluate their decision. Not only about retaining Mattingly as manager, but holding on to a GM in Ned Colletti who has done nothing but unwisely spend money on useless players (with exception of the no brainers like Matt Kemp, Andre Either, and Clayton Kershaw).

In my estimation Mattingly and Colletti have got to go. It’s time to bring in someone like a Mike Scioscia if available, or Terry Francona who has the necessary experience to lead this team to victory.

The fact that L.A. fans are indeed restless and deserve a Dodger championship is an under statement. With all the excitement of serious trades, new ownership, a safe environment. I would hope the Dodgers don’t lose the magic by making a costly decision that could decrease not only wins on the field but the fans away from Dodger Stadium.
All they have to do head south on the 5 freeway to Angels heaven or on 110 freeway to Staples Center where the Lakers and Clippers have geared up to make a serious championship run.