Top Five Dodger Follows On Twitter


Hey Dodger fam! There isn’t much going on right now around Dodger land. The hot stove is still a few weeks away. While Stacie and myself are slogging though season reviews, and don’t worry, they’re coming soon. In the meantime, I thought I would give you my top five list of the best Dodger follows on twitter. Social media plays a huge role in sports, and especially Baseball nowadays. Fans are more connected to their favorite players more than they ever were years ago. This is thanks to the power of social media, and twitter. Social media gives fans a chance to interact with their favorite player and team. We have many friends on twitter these days. Tonight I will name the top five Dodger twitter follows. These are the best Dodger accounts to follow on twitter for Dodger fam.

5. Dustin Nosler of

Dustin is always a good follow if you are a Dodger fan, and or a fan of the minor leagues. Expect insightful and informative tweets from Dustin. Nosler also religiously follows and reports on the minor leagues, and also writes his own Dodger blog

4. EmmaCrzBlue

Emma is one of the most passionate Dodger fans we have come across on twitter. She pretty much lives at Dodger Stadium. She also writes her own blog here If you’re a fan of Blue, give her a follow!


Who is the mysterious guy who controls this hilarious twitter account? I have no idea. Perhaps it’s better that I don’t know. He is not Ned Colletti of course, but some people tend to think he tweets like him. This guy is a must follow.


Our good friends from Calling the Game are a must follow if you’re a Dodger fan on twitter. We think there are two people tweeting from this account, but we’re still not sure. However if you are not following these guys then you are missing out on all of their tweets, which are always spot on accurate. Nobody knows the truth about the Dodgers like these guys do. Maybe they’re our brothers from another mother?

1. A.J. Ellis   

 Yes I am talking about the A.J. Ellis of twitter fame. If you’re not following A.J. then you’re just not cool.

Shout-outs also go out to Ron, Sean,, and Meri Combs,