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Hawksworth Becomes a Free Agent


As a follow up to my earlier post about the Dodgers optioning Blake Hawksworth, and Matt Angle to Albuquerque to clear room on the 40-man roster, we have more news today on Hawksworth. Apparenlty according to Ken Gurnick, Hawksworth has decided to file for free agency instead. Hawskworth was able choose free agency because of his six year minor league service time. Hawksworth didn’t pitch at all in 2012, and is unlikely to pitch in 2013 either, as he recovers from three major arm surgeries. Have we seen the last of Blake Hawksworth?

Looks like we have seen the last of Blake Hawksworth.

Even if we never see Hawksworth again, his one decent season rid us of the awfulness of Ryan “Tootblan” Theriot. So even if hawk’s Dodger days are over, we can always remember he was the young pitcher who was traded for Ryan Theriot.

The truly sad part of this is we also miss out on his very hot sports anchor sister Erin. I would post up a pic of her, but I might get in trouble, or sued or something. I would rather not go there. Let’s just say she looks good, and leave it at that. Perhaps she can be an honorary Dodger? Anyways, so long Hawk! It’s been fun.