Video Game like Trade Proposal


Juan Uribe (8), Matt Gurrier (4), Aaron Harang (8), and Mark Ellis (5.5) for Vernon Wells (23) and Dan Haren (15.5).

Andre Ethier (17) for Ian Kinsler (13).

Lets see…

Juan Uribe is sure to get DFA’ed eventually. Matt Guerrier is not worth his deal. Aaron Harang is a useful, not effective, innings eater. Mark Ellis has his injury problems, though a very good defender and sometimes good batter. Dan Haren is a one time ace turned question mark. And Vernon Wells is a 4th outfielder. The Angels save about 13+ million in this deal and the Dodgers get some coveted roster freedom. This deal works because they get something useful for Wells, which frees up the outfield and payroll to add Torii Hunter. The risk is entirely on the Dodgers here as they look to Haren to be a the #2 they need.

Andre Ethier is a grumpy right handed specialist with about league average defense. Ian Kinsler is coming off a rough season in Texas, but has proven to be an elite defender and very good hitter. This works because it looks like the Rangers want to move Kinsler to make room for Jurikson Profar. If they move Kinsler, they would likely look to replace him with the loss of Josh Hamilton. This works on so many levels for both teams. Risk is taken by LA again, as Kinsler might be on the downside of his career. If he returns to his pre-2012 form, we get a bargain. But it would be risky.

These types of trades almost never happen. But the Dodgers are flush with cash. They can take on almost any player and contact and still look to free agency to fill gaps. Gurrier was a mistake from the moment he inked the deal as was Juan Uribe. I’d miss Mark Ellis (never thought I’d say that), but welcome Ian Kinsler happily. I’d also miss the grumpy Ethier, but this would also open the door for Victorino and Puig. Victorino trumps Ethier defensively. The two balance out in terms of on field value, though Victorino would cost the team less. Maybe LA gives Victorino a “qualifying offer” to stay one more year.

Like the title says, this is a video game like trade proposal. As it is, LA is looking to James Shields to be the #2 they need. I don’t know that they match up particularly well with Tampa. I’d rather buy low and sell high. It looks like that is what Tampa is doing. As we all know, the price for players has no boundaries in LA. At some point in time, all of this overspending WILL come back and bite the team in the rear end. Until then, lets enjoy being fans of billionaires with unlimited funds and while under-qualified personal leads them…