2013 Dodgers Promotional Schedule Includes Magic Johnson Bobblehead


The Dodgers announced their 2013 promotional schedule today which will feature 10 new bobblehead games throughout the season.

Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, bobblehead giveaways are successful. I personally like the bobbleheads since they are fun collectible souvenirs. I have attended a few bobblehead giveaway games, and they are always the most crowded games other than Opening Day or postseason games. I have collected a few bobbleheads of my favorite players, but I’m not a diehard collector. Believe me, there are those who strive to collect every Dodger bobblehead.

The only problem I have with this year’s bobblehead group (of those names released so far), is that there will be another Vin Scully bobblehead

giveaway on Thursday, July 25th. That sort of ruins the exclusivity of my Vin Scully bobblehead which I received this past season. There is also another Sandy Koufax bobblehead for 2013.

Here are the new bobbleheads for 2013:

1. Hanley Ramirez “I See You” Bobblehead                Tuesday, April 30th- Love this idea!

2. Matt Kemp Bobblehead                                            Tuesday, May 14th

3. Jaime Jarrin Bobblehead                                           Saturday, May 25th

4. Bobblehead #4 (name not yet released)                 Thursday, June 6th

5. Sandy Koufax Bobblehead                                        Thursday, June 27th

6. Adrian Gonzalez Bobblehead                                    Thursday, July 11th

7. Vin Scully Bobblehead                                                Thursday, July 25th

8. Bobblehead #8 (name not yet released)                   Saturday, August 8th

9. Rick Monday “Saving the Flag” Bobblehead            Tuesday, August 27th- Can’t wait to see this one!

10. Magic Johnson Bobblehead                                      Thursday, September 12th- This is the one I want.


The Dodgers will also be bringing back Friday Night Fireworks (following Friday home games), Viva Los Dodgers (preceding Sunday home games), and Kids Run the Bases (following Sunday home games). My daughter ran the bases last season after one of the final home games versus the Cardinals, and she got a thrill out of it. Although I was tired since the game had gone into extra innings.

Hello Kitty mini bobblehead 2011. Photo: Stacie Wheeler

New promotions include a hooded sweatshirt giveaway on April 3rd, earbuds on June 29th, and an Old-Timers’ Day and giveaway on June 8th.

There will also be a special Jackie Robinson, Don Newcombe, and Roy Campanella statue giveaway on April 15th. A Magic Johnson T-shirt will be given away on May 28th as well.

Hello Kitty is back once again this season. I have to admit that the Hello Kitty day is a great way to entice little girls to attend a game at Dodger Stadium. I know many fans loathe the Hello Kitty collaboration, but my two daughters really liked seeing Hello Kitty throw out the first pitch. The Hello Kitty mini bobblehead was actually pretty nice as well. There will be a Hello Kitty fleece blanket giveaway on April 17th, and the mini bobblehead will be handed out September 9th.

Who would you like to see honored with one of the three remaining mystery bobbleheads? Will you be attending any of these giveaway games? Tell us in the comments section.