Our very own Bison, Dodger’s center fielder Our very own Bison, Dodger’s center fielder

Matt Kemp Named Dodger’s Wilson Defensive Player of The Year


Our very own Bison, Dodger’s center fielder Matt Kemp has been named the Dodger’s Wilson Defensive player of the year. The MLB network announced on Sunday night.

The MLB network uses some kind of statistical analysis system called the “Shredder System”, they also rely on input from network analysts to determine winners.

Matt Kemp has won two gold gloves, and now a Wilson award.-Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Kemp played in 106 games for the Dodgers this season, and missed 56 games due to a strained left hamstring. Kemp also missed time during September, while playing with a frayed labrum after a death-defying crash into the center field wall at Coors Field in Colorado on August 28. Kemp batted .303 with 23 home runs, 69 RBI, and 74 runs scored. Kemp had an OBP of .367 and an OPS of .906. Kemp has won two gold gloves during his tenure in Blue. He won one in 2009, and a second gold glove last year in 2011.

The Wilson defensive player of the year honors are a series of awards that includes the GIBBYs, that nominates up to 21 categories. Awards go out to the MLB MVP, best starting pitcher, best hitter, best closer, best set-up man, best rookie, Breakout hitter, breakout pitcher, comeback player, defensive player, manager of the year, executive of the year, and the postseason performance of the season.

Other awards like the top play, and the best walk-off are also crowned. The winners get crowned their awards at the Greatness in Baseball yearly ceremonies at the winter meetings in Nashville, Tennessee on Tuesday December 4th. This kind of helps make up for Clayton Kershaw, and Andre Ethier getting gypped out of gold gloves this season. You know what they say, everything in Baseball ends up balancing out right? I mean Jason Heyward, and Mark Buehrle? Come on!?