Lasorda’s Lair Egraph Trivia Contest Giveaway


You know over here at Lasorda’s Lair, we’re all about fun. And what could be more fun than another Lasorda’s Lair trivia giveaway contest! If you remember we had one last time where we gave away Dodger tickets to a Linkin Park special event at Dodger Stadium. This time we’ll be giving away a custom Egraph. What’s an Egraph you say? Well, good question! An Egraph is like the autograph of the future. An Egraph is an autograph with a personal voice message from your favorite Dodger player, or MLB player. You receive a signed picture with a personalized voice message from your favorite Dodger and or player integrated into the picture. The next great autograph of the furture is here, and Egraphs has it. For example, here is one from Clayton Kershaw to Taylor Swift. Here is another one where Adam Kennedy leaves a message for his AC repairman.

Here is an Egraph form Kershaw to Taylor Swift.

Well, you get the jist. Pretty neat huh? So if you can answer all three trivia questions correctly you get the prize, of your very own Egraph, of your favorite player. Here is what you must do. First you must answer all three trivia questions in the comments below, and then leave us your name, email address, your favorite player, and phone number, and we will have the good people of Egraphs send you your personalized Egraph. Now remember, please don’t forget to tell us which player you want an Egraph of. We’ll leave the questions up for a week, and choose the first three people to answer all three trivia questions correctly. We will announce the winners, and then you must contact us with your name, email address, and phone number, and mailing address so we can send you your prize. You can contact us via twitter, or email.

Now the questions won’t be just regular Dodger trivia, that would be too easy. We want to see if you guys have been paying attention over here. The trivia questions instead will be Lasorda’s Lair trivia questions. So without further adieu, here they are.

1. Whenever Cochito gets a hit, I sing on twitter. However who was the first Dodger player I originally sang about when getting hits, before he had to miss the last couple months of the season due to a hip injury?

2. What do Stacie and I call when a pitcher walks more than two batters in a row?

3. What historic Dodger game did our Uncle attend in person 50 years ago?

There you go! Remember, we’ll be choosing the first three winners, so the first three to answer the trivia questions correctly, wins the prize. You must give your answers in the comments below. Please don’t forget that once the winners are announced, to send us your info if you have won, so that we can send you your prize. The contest will be open through next Monday. So good luck to all! And of course, Go Blue.