Dodger Front Office Takes Shape, Several Executives Promoted


The new GBM Dodger front office continues to take shape, as Several Dodger executives were promoted the other day, as announced by the club. Logan White who was formerly assistant general manager for amateur and international scouting, has been promoted to Vice president of scouting.

Logan White recieves a much deserved promotion-Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

De Jon Watson was promoted from assistant general manger of player development to vice president of player development. Vance Lovelace goes from director of player personnel to vice president of player personnel. Rick Ragazzo who was formerly director of professional scouting is now you guessed it, vice president of professional scouting. Don’t think we’ve forgot about Stan Conte did you? Mr. Conte goes from being the director of medical services to vice president of medical services.

We all know Logan White is the guy who has been running the draft for the Dodgers since 2002. And he’s made some pretty good draft picks over the years that have included Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp and Chad Billingsley. He’s been the assistant general manager since 2007.

De Jon Watson has run the Dodger’s minor league system since 2007. He has been credited with establishing the winter prospect development program, and hiring some cool former Dodgers to the minor league coaching staff.

Lovelace used to be a pitcher in the Dodger system and has served many different roles in his post playing career. Lovelace has been a scout, special assistant to player personnel, and vice president of player personnel.

Ragazzo is in his sixth season with the Dodgers, and is assisting Colletti with roster moves, and managing the professional scouts. He used to manage the international scouts, who now report to Bob Engle. Of course Engle was hired earlier this month away from the Seattle Mariners, and has apparently brought over with him a half dozen of his international scouts.