Money…Money…Money…Dodger Money….Bomp…Bomp…Bomp…..Love That Money!


Money Money Money….Love that money…Bomp…Bomp…Bomp…Ba Bomp Ba Bomp….Get that money…..Love that money

My have times have changed haven’t they? Just a short year ago, our beloved Dodgers were In bankruptcy. After Having been dragged through the mud by a slime ball real estate guy and his ex-wife. It was so disheartening. Demoralizing. We understood that GM Ned Colletti was financially limited because of the bankruptcy during last winter. The Dodgers weren’t able to compete for any of the top free agents. Considering the free agent market gets thinner and thinner every winter, striking while the iron is hot is so important during the hot stove. Now a year later, the Dodgers are golden. We are so mint it’s fantastic! We’re the scrooge McDucks of the National League. No free agent is out of our price range. The Dodger wealth is untold and seemingly neverending…It’s wonderful. While the Giants did win the world series, we’re still laughing all the way to the bank this winter, while they struggle to sign the Marco Scutaro’s and Angel Pagan’s of the world. We have the financial freedom to do anything we want. It’s liberating!

Money Money Money….Love that Money….Money Money Money…Dodger Money….Bomp Bomp Bomp..Ba Bomp Ba Bomp..Ba ba ba Bomp

Seeing the response and jealousy from other teams is quite amusing. Opposing teams are already scared. Hayden Kane of Rox Pile waxes philosophical about the Dodgers upcoming television deal, and potential monetary force of the GBM, and Magic Johnson’s new Dodger administration. Six Billion dollars, yes yes!

As Tim Brown reports, the Dodgers already met with Angry Birdman Zack Greinke the other day. Sources say the Dodgers are the front runners to ink Greinke to a huge contract. The contract could garner the angry birdman in excess of 150 million dollars and six years in length.


Also please note that the Friday deadline for the new television deal came and went, but the Dodgers are still expected to eventually work out the new t.v. deal with Fox, that would be in the reported 6-7 billion dollar range. Kane then pontificates about the Dodgers upcoming mega deal.

Magic says what’s up? The Dodgers are ballin!

Here Kane expresses concern if the Dodgers do sign Birdman, saying it would give us a terrifying 1-2 punch in the rotation. Yes it would! Kane goes on to talk about how the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Don’t worry Hayden I’ve got five on it. The thing is, this is how the Dodgers used to be, before McCourt ran the team into bankruptcy.

Kane goes on to say that he would call Greinke, “Grumpy Greinke” because of the way he wears his hat. He’s a bird Kane, an angry birdman if you will. He also goes on to describe the Dodgers as like an intimidating school yard bully, who’s presence is always felt. I like to think we’re more like the federal government. Just a huge all encompassing force.

Kane has given us a perfect example of the jealousy of other teams. Other teams are either scared, or jealous or both of our untold and unlimited supply of money. It’s just a reminder of how far we have come since the terrifying days of the McCourt regime.