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Have Fun Pitching On The Equator Greinke!


Let me present you a scenario if you will. Hypothetically speaking, play along with me. You’re Zack Greinke. You’ve won a Cy Young award. You’re one of the best starting pitchers in Baseball, and you’re the top starting pitcher on the free agent market. You’re about to become one of the richest pitchers in Baseball history. And you look like an angry bird. Does this situation sound familiar to you? So if you’re Birdman, what do you do?

Of course it does, it’s the birdman situation. It appears as though the Dodgers need to move on from this guy. Just waiting around for Greinke to make up his mind is going to ruin the Dodgers chances of getting anyone.

Enjoy pitching on the surface of the sun Birdman-Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports is reporting that the Rangers appear to be in the lead on the Greinke sweepstakes. The Angels appear to be out of it, since they just signed Joe Blanton. (Ha! Bumton! Giggle, snicker, Giggle) So far it looks like Greinke prefers to pitch for Texas. Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times wonders whether the Dodgers refusal to hand out no-trade clauses could have something to do with it. I guess that’s possible. It could be difficult for the Dodgers to gain any leverage if they are unwilling to offer up a no-trade clause. Hernandez goes on to report that Stan Kasten has had a history of not giving out no-trade clauses even before he came over to the Dodgers. So be it then. But is that really the reason Greinke hasn’t signed with the Dodgers yet?

The truth may hurt, but it is what it is. Greinke just doesn’t want to pitch for the Dodgers. If he had wanted to sign with the Dodgers, he would have done so already. According to our sources, the Dodger front office, feels the same way, and isn’t very optimistic about him signing with the Blue. Most believe he will sign with the Rangers, for possibly 30 million dollars less than what the Dodgers would offer. Who knows, maybe I’m wrong and he will finally sign with us? It’s possible, but not looking very likely.

So why does Greinke prefer the Rangers over the Dodgers? Who knows. We know his wife was a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader and likes the Midwest. Whatever. Meanwhile the Dodgers sit and do nothing, but wait for Birdman. The team is far apart in their talks with South Korean lefty Ryu Hyun-jin. The Dodgers have until Sunday to sign Ryu, or he goes back into the posting system, and the Dodgers are refunded their 25.7 million dollar bid. The free agent market is very thin. Other than Anibal Sanchez, and Kyle Lohse, it’s slim pickens.

It doesn’t look like Greinke will sign with the Dodgers.-Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The truth is, Greinke just doesn’t want to pitch for the Dodgers. He prefers to pitch for Texas, and that’s his perogative. It’s lame, but it’s his choice. The thing is, the Dodgers can’t keep waiting around for him. By doing so it’s ruining their chances of getting anyone. I know it’s going to take patience to build a championship roster, and the GBM isn’t going to be able to do it in only a year. It’s going to take a few years to develop. However, just sitting around waiting for Birdman is stupid. It’s time to move on. Because here we are, it’s December seventh, the winter meetings are over, and the Dodgers still have not signed anyone. They haven’t traded for anyone. Basically, they have done nothing. (Except for signing Brandon League). It’s possible the Dodgers may not sign anyone, and will go with who they have. They do have six starting pitchers under contract for 2013. Unfortunately, Chad Billingsley may still need Tommy John surgery on his right elbow, even though the team says otherwise. Aaron Harang is mediocre at best, Chris Capuano falls flat in the second half, and there is no way that lefty veteran Ted Lilly can stay healthy for an entire season.

A bird on a wire-Photo courtesy of wallpapers4me.com

Regardless, the Dodgers continue to wait. The days go by, and we get closer to spring training. The Dodgers keep waiting. Waiting and waiting on a Birdman. The truth is it doesn’t matter how much money the Dodgers have. If someone doesn’t want to play for the Dodgers, then no amount of money is going to change their minds. It’s not like Greinke isn’t going to get a huge contract from someone. The Dodgers may be able to outbid every other team, but they can’t force anyone to sign with them. Every player has the right to play for who they want when they’re a free agent. Greinke wants to pitch for Texas. So be it.

So fine then. Have fun Birdman. Have fun melting in the equator like heat in Arlington next summer. You might as well pitch on the surface of the sun or something. Enjoy melting away in the Texas heat Birdman. The Dodgers need to move on from Zack Greinke and look at other options. It’s time to explore other choices.