Birdman Zack Greinke Flies The Coop to Los Angeles


The birdman has flown the coop to Los Angeles. We might have to setup a little bird feeder in the Dodger dugout. Fans may have to start wearing Angry Bird t-shirts next year. It’s almost official. The Dodgers have a verbal agreement with Zack Greinke, and pending a physical, he will be a Dodger. According to multiple sources, I’m hearing the deal is actually for 147 million dollars. But either way it’s between 145-150 and for six years. Which is actually pretty reasonable considering he might have been able to get more money. Either way I am very very excited. Man I love this new ownership!

(According to Jim Bowden, Greinke will recieve a 12 million dollar signing bonus, and wil make 17 million in 2013, 24 million in 2014, 23 million in 2015, 24 million in 2016, 23 million in 2017, and 24 million in 2018. Even better, the Dodgers don’t have to give up a draft pick since he was traded in mid-season last year.)

Greinke looks like this

I am reading some comments on twitter, and I’m seeing some people complaining about this deal. Some are saying it’s too much money, and we’re overspending, blah blah blah. Whatever. Look guys, isn’t this what we all wanted? Remember when everyone was complaining and wishing the Dodgers would be able to spend money like this and go after the top free agents? Remember just a year ago, McCourt still owned the team and we were mired in bankruptcy. Forced to sign the Aaron Harangs, and Chris Capuanos of the world. It was unfair, and sad. Our beloved Dodgers had slipped below mediocrity, and had a meager payroll. Things have definitely changed for the good.

Now we are a huge monstrous force to be reckoned with. You see the GBM is serious about putting together a winning team. This is why Stacie and I were big supporters of Magic Johnson and the GBM. We knew they would be the right ownership group to save the Dodgers. We were right. You see what the GBM is doing is building a dream roster. They’re building a roster where there are all-stars virtually at every position. the owners are committed to feilding a winning team, and this deal proves it. Isn’t this what we all wanted? The complaints on twitter tell me that people just are never happy. Come on guys, this is great for the Dodgers. I am also seeing a lot of bitterness and jealousy from other teams. Of course this greatly amuses me and many other Dodger fans.

We were just being impatient of course. I was beginning to wonder if the deal would ever get done. But it did. Just in the nick of time too. I was wondering how long we would have to wait, and if we would have to move on to other options.

Now we’re going to have to trade one of the weaker starters. Probably either  to trade Aaron Harang, or Chris Capuano. Now we’ll have to see if the Dodgers can get a deal done with South Korean lefty Ryu Hyun-Jin or not. The deadline for his deal is tomorrow at 2PM.

Yes I agree with everyone that 147 million dollars is a lot of money and way too much. But in general all players make way too much money. The contract to Pujols and Fielder were ridiculous too. That’s just the way the bloated market is right now. The Dodgers have to play within the rules of the market. If they didn’t show Greinke the money, he would have signed elsewhere. This is just how things work nowadays in Baseball and all sports. It’s a players market.

Our buddies over at referred to us as a playground bully. That’s not entirely accurate. We’re more like an all encompassing force. Like the federal government if you will. A federal Blue government. This is the way it used to be guys, and this is the way it should be. Have faith Dodger fans. Our time is coming.