I really hate it when awesome Dodger stuff happens when my modem die..."/> I really hate it when awesome Dodger stuff happens when my modem die..."/>

The Hits Keep Coming! Dodgers Sign Ryu Hyun-jin For Six Years 36 Million


I really hate it when awesome Dodger stuff happens when my modem dies, and I can’t get online. Good thing I have my phone to tether off of. The Dodgers announced at 2PM pacific standard time, that they have reached agreement with South Korean lefty pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin. The deal was announced by Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. Needless to state, I think we can all safely say we are stoked!

The terms of the contract are for six year and 36 million dollars. Apparently the contract is filled with performance bonuses which are based on innings pitched. Ryu also has an opt out for the sixth year, which is only triggered if he throws 175 innings or more in the sixth year of the contract. After all the performance bonuses and his five million dollar signing bonus, the contract comes out to 42 million dollars in total.

Ryu Hyun-jin.-Photo courtesy of Kata.com

The Dodgers originally won the bid for Ryu with a 25.7 million dollar deposit. The Dodgers had until 2PM pacific time today to reach a deal with Ryu, or he would have gone back into the posting system and the Dodgers would have had their bid returned. Only a day or so ago, reports were circulating that the Dodgers and Ryu were far apart in negotiations, and that the deal could go right down to the wire. It did, being announced just after 2PM. The 25 year old lefty can’t be sent to the minors without his consent, will wear number 99 (Manny Ramirez’s old number), and the Dodgers will get an interpreter for him. With the additions of Greinke and Ryu, the 40 man roster is now full. An official announcement from the club vould come as early as tomorrow.

The Dodgers are expected to put Ryu into the rotation behind Ace Clayton Kershaw, and Birdman Zack Greinke. With Ryu now signed, the Dodgers can figure out what they’re going to do with the three odd men out, I.E. Chris Capuano, Aaron Harang, and Ted Lilly. Two of the three will probably be traded, and one put in the bullpen, but we shall see.

This caps off an incredible weekend for the Dodgers, who just announced the mega deal for Greinke. To me this is a clear sign that the new ownership group is committed to winning. This is a direct message to Dodger fans. Things are going to be different. I can remember Nomomania when I was a kid, and it was amazing, As a kid I witnessed Hideo Nomo, (the tornado) whirlwind his way into Dodger Blue and capture the hearts of Dodger fans all across the globe. The international sensation drew record crowds every time he took the mound. We could see something similar with Ryu.

This ushers in a brand new era of Dodger Baseball. The days of mediocrity and bankruptcy are well behind us. Let’s all look forward to a bright Blue future ahead, as Magic Johnson, and the Guggenheim guys continue to build a Blue dream roster. I promise guys, our time is coming.