Happy 12-12-12 Dodger Fans! Watch These Videos


Hey guys,

Today is a rare day indeed. Today is 12-12-12. Not often does this happen. Last year we had the infamous 11-11-11, and the year before that on 10-10-10, people perhaps held up all of their fingers in celebration. So in honor of this strange calendar oddity, we’ve decided to bring you some cool videos to check out. The first video is the best of MLB.com’s Cut4. This is the Dodger edition. The video shows the hilarious “Between two palm trees” starring Clayton Kershaw and A.J. Ellis. The video also shows the rest of the Dodger highlights from the best of the Cut4, which includes the introductory press conference for the Dodger’s new ownership group of Magic Johnson and the GBM, Vin Scully’s amazing speech at the same conference, Dodger fans doing the Gangnam dance, a guy parachuting into Dodger Stadium, the guy from the office with the big forehead, and much more!

Tommy Lasorda-Don McPeak-USA Today Sports

The second video is Tommy Lasorda discussing the winter meetings, and the Dodger way. And last but not least we have a special gift for you. A special video I found of Tommy singing at the winter meetings in Nashville. We’ll have more Dodger Blue news and notes tomorrow. Until then enjoy the videos, and happy triple 12 day! Go Blue!