More Andre Ethier Trade Speculations Are Annoying


The Andre Ethier rumors continue to be put out into the Dodger blogosphere even though they are completely unsubstantiated. This time it’s Jon Heyman chiming in with more wild speculation.

And that’s all it is, just wild speculation. Heyman is ruminating. He’s thinking out loud via Twitter. Keep those type of opinions to yourself Jon, unless there is some kind of truth to them. I’m surprised to see Heyman of all people jumping on the “blame or trade Andre Ethier” bandwagon. This time he speculates that the Mariners of all teams could have interest in Ethier.

No more scapegoating Ethier please.-Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

You guys already know how I feel about this subject. I am a staunch Andre Ethier supporter. He’s been one of my favorite Dodgers for years now. I’ve seen him win countless games for the Dodgers over the years with his clutch hitting, and solid defense. He may not be a superstar, but he’s still a very good player. He may have a flaw, but his seven years of walk-offs should count for something. It makes me wonder where these anti-Ethier people’s loyalties lie?

We’ve heard all of this before. To me it seems like the anti-Ethier camp is blaming him for the Dodgers missing the playoffs last season. And they cling to this whole “he can’t hit lefties thing” as a reason to perpetuate the rumors of him being traded. As I’ve said before in an earlier post, the Dodgers not making the playoffs is not the fault of Andre Ethier.

The subject came up in discussion over at the Forums, which are run by Ron Cervenka, and Scott Harvey. Here is what I had to say about the speculations. It seems like one keeps popping up every few weeks. It’s quite annoying.

"I am 100% against trading Ethier in any way. I think it’s shameful that some of these anti-Ethier kids keep blaming Ethier for the Dodger’s collapse last season. But that’s the real reason. It’s not about him not hitting lefties, or his defense or whatever, it’s the fact that these kids keep blaming Ethier for the Dodgers missing the playoffs last season. They need a scapegoat, and somehow Ethier has been chosen. They tweet and write negative stuff into the Dodger blogosphere and the beat writers see this and use it to try and get more page views for their articles. I’m surprised to see this from Heyman though, but it’s all speculation. From what I’ve heard from the grapevine of the Dodgers front office is that they are NOT, I repeat NOT trading Ethier. Besides who the hell would Seattle have that they can offer us? Nobody. It’s just speculation and rumors stemming from some of these anti-Ethier kids placing the blame on Ethier. Apparently a .284 avg, .351 OBP. 800 OPS, 20+ home runs, and a .335 batting average with runners in scoring position just isn’t good enough for some fans. Because you know, Matt Kemp runs into a center field wall, and that’s Ethier’s fault. Kershaw’s hip goes out in September, that’s Ethier’s fault, Bills tears his elbow, that’s Ethier’s fault. Half the team tears their hamstrings in June, that’s Ethier’s fault. Juan Uribe is a bum, that’s Ethier’s fault. Our scumbag of a former owner takes the team into bankruptcy, so hey Blame Ethier? I think these anti-Ethier folks are forgetting about his seven years of walk-offs and wonderful memories he’s given us. Where are these kid’s loyalties? Where do they lie? I’ll keep defending him because there is nobody I trust more in right field than Andre Ethier. For the hundreds of games he’s won for the Dodgers over the last seven years, they should show him more respect. Looks like I’ll have to write another article defending Ethier, which I’m happy to do over and over again."

Somehow we got to find these kids another scapegoat so they get off of Ethier’s nuts. May I interest these guys in a portly bench warmer who can’t hit above the Mendoza line?

Seriously, Ethier isn’t being traded, so let’s move on here. I will continue to defend Ethier until the day he is no longer a Dodger, or there is reason not to defend him. For all of the amazing walk-offs, and wonderful memories Ethier has given us over the last seven years I think he deserves more respect from all of us. There’s nobody I trust more in right field than Andre Ethier. He was not the problem in 2012 and he will not be a problem in 2013, so please everyone give the guy a break. This means you Heyman!