Baseball America Ranks Top Dodgers Prospects for 2013


Baseball America recently ranked the top 10 Dodgers prospects in their annual list. Here are their picks for the best players in the Dodgers farm system:

1.Hyun-Jin Ryu, lhp
2.Yasiel Puig, of
3.Corey Seager, ss
4.Joc Pederson, of
5.Zach Lee, rhp
6.Chris Reed, lhp
7.Onelki Garcia, lhp
8.Paco Rodriguez, lhp
9.Matt Magill, rhp
10.Ross Stripling, rhp





Many of the 2012 top prospects are not even with the organization any longer. Allen Webster, Nathan Eovaldi, Alfredo Silverio, Josh Lindblom amongst many other prospects were traded away or lost to the Rule 5 Draft in the case of Silverio. Even though the Dodgers lost some depth in their pitching ranks, they had a solid draft selection class and have made huge leaps and bounds when it comes to jumping back into the international market. The Dodgers farm system is still not one of the best, but it has certainly improved.

Hyun-Jin Ryu has popped up on many top prospect lists, and although I think that he will be one of the most interesting players to watch in 2013, he isn’t much of a prospect. After all, Hyun-Jin Ryu has been an accomplished pitcher with the Hanwa Eagles since 2006. Nevertheless, ranking him at the very top seems a bit of an overvalue.

Joc Pederson’s position and upward momentum is agreeable. Pederson and Seager will most likely be solid everyday position players in a few years.

Zach Lee seems to have slipped down in ranking on many prospect writers’  lists this offseason. After slotting in at No. 1 last year, he is now down to No. 5. Many think that his ceiling isn’t as high as it once was, but Baseball America still cited his changeup as the best in the Dodger prospect class.

Onelki Garcia is very intriguing, especially with that rumored nasty curve, but he seems to be ranked a little high on this list. I see him rounding out the top ten, yet the small sample size we saw from him at the tail end of the season was quite impressive.  He may even break into AA sometime this season.

Ross Stripling snuck in at No. 10, and that was a bit of a surprise. Chris Withrow failed to break into the top 10.


Here is my compiled list for the top 10 Dodgers prospects:

1. Zach Lee LHP

2. Yasiel Puig OF

3. Corey Seager SS

4. Chris Reed LHP

5. Joc Pederson OF

6. Matt Magill RHP

7. Chris Withrow RHP

8. Garret Gould RHP

9. Onelki Garcia LHP

10. Tim Federowicz C


I’d like to hear your top 10 prospect list for the Dodgers. Who do you feel is their No. 1 prospect? We will have continued prospect coverage here at Lasorda’s Lair including a more comprehensive look at our top 10 prospects.