New Dodger Owners Are Keeping Their Promises To Dodger Fans


The new Dodger ownership is making good on their promises to Dodger fans. It’s a wonderful sight to see. We have come so far in just over a year, it’s hard to believe. Former owner Frank McCourt was an embarrassment to Baseball and our beloved franchise.

Nobody could understand the stress and trials and tribulations Dodger fans have had to go through over the last few years. From the disgusting divorce saga, to the disgrace of the bankruptcy proceedings, Dodger fans have been thrown through the mud. All that is behind us now, thanks to the wonderful group of men and women who now run the Dodgers.

The new ownership, a collection of good honest people, have kept their promises to Dodger fans.-Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

The new Dodger owners have done everything they have said they were going to do. Of course they’ve had a lot to do. And they’ve had a lot to fix. Magic Johnson and the GBM are the perfect fit to run the Dodgers. Stacie and I knew it right from the beginning. They are the dream team of ownership. A reputable financial corporation, a local beloved Los Angeles sports Icon, and a well respected Baseball executive with a pension for pulling off amazing trades. The new slogan this year, is “a whole new blue”. This represents a new beginning for the franchise. It’s a chance to have a fresh start.

I have nervous thoughts on this sunny morning in Los Angeles. There is immense pressure on the Dodgers to win this year. The pressure can make anyone feel nervous. My Nervous thoughts quickly turn into excitement. Spring training is only a few weeks away, and another exciting season of Dodger Baseball is upon us. I feel the excitement that only a true blue fan can feel, at the start of a long journey that’s conclusion is unknown.

The new owners have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. Now with the new television deal with Time Warner cable in place, there will be a huge stream of revenue coming into the Dodgers. Never again will we be relegated to paying for subpar free agents, and veteran retreads. No more mediocre players. Only the crème of the crop now. From here on out, the Dodgers will be in play for every single top notch free agent. I’ve noticed a lot of the non-Dodger fans have voiced anger and frustration over the Dodgers domination over this winter’s free agency, and our billions of dollars in cash. Their jealousy and bitterness amuses me. Hey the Yankees have been doing it for years now. Why can’t we?

There is still more work to be done of course. The new owners are doing something special. Here is a list of all the great things they have accomplished since they took over last April.

The new owners are commited to making the Dodgers excellent-Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

1. The purchasing of high profile free agents. The signings of Birdman Zack Greinke, South Korean import Hyun-jin Ryu, and other singings like Brandon League, and J.P. Howell.

2. Making blockbuster trades in order to fill holes on the roster. Bringing in all-star talent like Adrian Gonzalez, Hanley Ramirez, Brandon League, Carl Crawford, and other good players.

3. Restructuring the front office by bringing in competent experienced executives, scouts, and administrators.

4. Upgrading and improving Dodger Stadium while preserving the beautiful architecture, and essence of Chavez Ravine.

5. Replenished and revived spending on international players. Something that was sorely lacking under the McCourt regime.

6. Preserving and protecting Dodger tradition.

7. Locking up Andre Ethier to a long term contract.

8. Being warm, inviting and friendly towards writers, bloggers, and media.

9. Lowering parking and ticket prices.

10. Making sure Vin Scully’s beautiful voice is available to all Dodger fans.

11. Honoring former Dodger legends, like our hero Tommy Lasorda.

12. Signing a new Television deal which will bring in billions of dollars in revenue into Chavez Ravine.

13. Keeping their promises to Dodger fans.

14. Making a solid commitment to putting a winning team on the field.

Think about how lucky we are. Remember when we could have had that scummy hedge fund manager as owner? Imagine what it would have been like if he had won the bid and Tony LaRussa was running the Dodgers. Ughh (shudders). Or what about the NFL owner Stan Kroenke? We probably would have had some stupid football stadium distorting our beautiful view of Dodger Stadium. It would have been ugly I tell you that. Thank our lucky stars neither of those guys won. Everything worked out in a very wonderful way. The new owners have kept their promises to Dodger fans. Now all that’s left to do is win that World Series ring.