Brandon Belt Disses the Dodgers


The San Francisco Giants partook in their version of FanFest this past Saturday, and when asked about the Dodgers spending this offseason Brandon Belt quipped “All I can say is, you can’t buy chemistry.”

Belt also recounted his Country Music Awards appearance with Carrie Underwood. Belt’s responses apparently received loud ovation from the Giants fans.

San Francisco fans seem to rehash the fact that the Dodgers failed to reach the postseason last year even after spending and trading. It’s true, but they fail to admit that the Dodgers were so buried in debt and Frank McCourt’s drama that it would have been nearly impossible to turn things around that quickly. The Dodgers didn’t add Adrian Gonzalez and his Bostonian teammates until late summer anyhow.

Now that the Dodgers have continued to build upon what the new ownership started last season, they will have a much strengthened team and lineup heading into Spring Training. Spring Training is a very important time for a team to work on team chemistry or the “gelling” of a team. Throwing new players out on to the field in the midst of a season and hoping that everyone will be cohesive instantly is not usually successful.

The Dodgers-Giants rivalry is clearly going strong if any indication by the fighting words from Brandon Belt. The two teams will see each other for the first time this year on February 26th at Camelback Ranch for a 12:05 p.m. game. The Giants may have won two championships over the course of the last three years, but I won’t let the fact go that they had more than half a season of Melky Cabrera last year. The Giants aren’t chock full of elite All-Stars, but they did have the eighth-highest payroll in all of baseball last season.

We will see you on April 1st, Brandon.