Up Yours Brandon Belt


You know, I haven’t had the chance to comment on the whole Brandon Belt thing yet. Honestly I’ve been trying hard not to focus on anything negative of late. After all, the 2012 season was painful enough for Dodger fans, and we just want to put the whole thing behind us, and move forward. We have new ownership, an upgraded roster, enhanced Dodger Stadium, and the new slogan this season, is it’s a whole new Blue. So Let me have a turn with this. (Cracks knuckles)

You suck Belt-H. Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

That said, all we want to do is start with a fresh new year. Win or lose we want to forget about past mistakes. Of course our annoying rivals up north just won’t let that happen. Look I understand the whole situation. I figured we would have to put up with a good deal of trash talking after the Giants won their second World Series in three years. It was disgusting no doubt, but when the Giant fans disgraced themselves by flooding some of the Dodger sites with smack talking, and insults, I thought it was par for the coarse. Some of them even traveled over here to leave us more of their nasty little comments. But now the players are even joining in on the boasting. It’s getting a little out of hand now. Yes the Giants won the championship, but they still remain last in class in my book. Keep in mind this is still a team that employed Ryan Theriot for an entire season.

And that’s the thing. They’re like the 1993 Phillies, or the gashouse gang of the 1930’s. They all look like hobos, disheveled street bums, or look like weirdos, and none of them have any class whatsoever. So when Stacie recounted first baseman/outfielder Brandon Belt’s stupid comment at the Giant fan fest last week in her last article, I wasn’t surprised. I was surprised at who made the comment though. I would expect that kind of thing from someone like Pagan, or Tim Lincecum. But I mean seriously Brandon, what the hell man?

When asked in front of a bunch of screaming Giant fans, (barf) about the Dodger’s free agent spending this winter, Brandon showed the tact that only Angel Pagan can teach you, by saying that “you can’t buy chemistry”. Of course all the Giant fans were hooting and hollering.

Ah ha ha ha I see what you did there Brandon. Yes, very clever. Belt, you sir are a first class doofus. This comes from a guy who looks like Hunter Pence’s younger uglier brother.  I mean the guy looks like a walking knee cap with elbows.

How about you just concentrate on hitting Brandon, and leave the Dodgers alone. We’re just trying to win, just like everybody else. Yes focus on improving your .259 career batting average Belt. If you post another .781 OPS again in 2013 Brandon, you may have more problems on your hands than the Dodgers. Generally speaking, punch and Judy hitting first baseman that only hit seven homers a year don’t cut it very long on a championship roster.

As Stacie said earlier, we’ll see you on April 1st Brandon.