Andres Torres Is Having Delusions Of Grandeur


Now this is a funny story guys. Did you hear about this? Andres Torres is trippin’! While the Dodgers officially opened spring training camp at camelback ranch today, check out this story coming out of San Francisco. We already had doofus McKneecap Brandon Belt talking smack about the Dodgers earlier this week, and now Andres Torres is having delusions of grandeur.

Why? Because he thinks he is actually in demand or something. LOLZ! No Andres you are not in demand. And you are lucky, the Giants even threw a contract at you, or any team at all for that matter. I don’t know if you guys have seen the news today, but apparently, according to an article from Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Gate. Andres Torres reported that many teams had showed interest in him, and one of them was the Dodgers. He said the Dodgers “pursued” him. He told reporters that his first choice was to return to the Giants, And that he never wanted to join the Dodgers. He also told Schulman that he watched the Giants in the postseason last October, and was nervous while watching. How disgusting. You are coocoo for coco puffs Torres.

I can’t believe the Giants actually gave Torres two million dollars-Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Oh no!? You mean to tell me a career .241 hitter who couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat (credit to Tommy for that one, hey it is Tommy appreciation week), doesn’t want to sign with the Dodgers? Cry me a river Argentina. In case some of you didn’t or don’t know, Torres was the switch-hitting center fielder who played for the Giants back in 2010 during their first World Series run. The Giants traded him last winter to the Mets along with pitcher Ramon Ramirez, for center fielder Angel Pagan. Torres spent the entire 2012 season sucking with the Mets, before the Giants re-acquired him this winter.

Interestingly enough, the Giants have actually retained Ramon Ramirez already, and with the resigned Torres, basically nullified the trade they made only a year ago. The Mets are pathetic by the way, but that’s another story. The funny thing about the whole thing is that Torres actually believes that he really drew interest from other teams.

First of all if the Dodgers did show any interest beyond a phone call, it was probably because they were thinking about him as a fourth outfielder, or bench guy, although I can’t understand why. Second of all, Andres Torres sucks horribly. Seriously go take a look at his numbers. I mean if the guy hits above .250 it’s an amazing accomplishment for him.

This is a guy who was originally drafted by the Tigers back in 1998, and was so bad that he went nearly four years between Big League appearances. It’s true, he didn’t play in the majors at all from 2005 until 2009 when the Giants put him on their active roster. Somehow in 2010 by some miracle of miracles, Torres posted an .823 OPS, while batting .268 with 16 home runs. Last year he was back to his old self. While in New York with the Mets he batted .230 in 132 games, and 434 plate appearances. He has posted an OPS of .664, and .663 over the last two seasons. The real question is why in the world any team would ever give Torres two million dollars to play Baseball. Yes the Giants signed Torres for two million dollars. I think it’s funny how the Giant fans make fun of the Dodger’s spending, yet they throw away millions on a player like Andres Torres. Indeed Torres is a Bum. He can ride the pine all season long with Ryan Theriot. I wish Torres nothing but failures. (I know, I’m a pill aren’t I?)

I’m sorry guys I just realized I wasted about 500 words writing about Andres Torres. That’s about 497 more words then I intended to write, or that should ever be written about Andres Torres. Good god I need some Dodger Baseball. Thank god all players report to camp on Friday.