Top Ten Tommy Moments 3 The Doug Rau Incident


In this new series, we will be celebrating the life and times of Tommy Lasorda. The man we consider as the most passionate Dodger ever. This series of articles are a tribute to our site namesake, and a celebration of all things Tommy Lasorda, as we declare this week, Tommy Lasorda Appreciation week. From the immortal question, to his rivalry with the nose, to his legendary run as manager, these are our top ten Tommy moments of all time. We honor the man the myth the legend, Tommy Lasorda.

Here are the particulars for this next unforgettable top ten Tommy Lasorda moment. The date is October 15, 1977. It’s game four of the 1977 World Series, at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers are playing the Yankees, and trailing in the series two games to one. Lefty Doug Rau has started the game for the Dodgers, and given up several hits to the Yankees in the top of the third inning. Tommy was actually wearing a microphone attached to his uniform, as the legendary manager was recorded for CBS, as the game was being televised nationally.

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So Tommy comes out to pull Rau, but the problem was, Rau didn’t want to come out of the game. What ensued afterwards was pure hilarity, and classic Tommy. I’m not sure who the second player was speaking on the recording, but I am assuming it was either catcher Steve Yeager, or one of the infielders. Take a listen as Rau tries to argue his way out of being removed from the game. Of course Lasorda wasn’t having none of that. Once again, I am sorry for the profanity. There are a lot of vulgarities in the recording below, so again if this is something that bothers you than please do not click play. I have also included a transcript of the incident, with the profanity taken out.

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Lasorda: Just give me a sign Red when I get out there, I’ll mess around for some time. Ok?

Lasorda: Hell no. He can’t get them left-handers out, for Christ all bleeping mighty.

Unknown Player: Bleeping Jackson gets jammed on a Bleeping ball.

Rau: I feel good Tommy.

Lasorda: I don’t give a bleep if you feel good, there’s four motherbleeping hits up there.

Rau: They’re all hits the opposite way too.

Lasorda: I don’t give a Bleep.

Rau: Tommy, we got a left handed hitter I can strike this mother bleeper out.

Lasorda: I don’t give a Bleep, Dougy.

Unknown Player: I think you’re wrong this time, Tommy.

Lasorda: Well I may be wrong but that’s my god dammed job. I’ll make the…

Rau: I ain’t bleeping hurting.

Lasorda: I’ll make the bleeping decisions here.

Rau: You think I’m pitching that bad?

Lasorda: I’ll make the Bleeping decisions here, ok?

Rau: It’s like there were three runs on the Bleeping board yesterday.

Lasorda: (enraged) I don’t give a Bleep!

Unknown Player: Hey, hey, come on….

Rau: Hey Tommy I don’t have to take this Bleep!

Lasorda: Don’t give me any Bleep, god damn it! I’ll make the Bleeping decisions. Keep your Bleeping mouth shut, I told ya.

Unknown Player: This looks bad up here man. Just back off the mound. You want to talk about it talk about it inside…

Lasorda: You talk about it in my Bleeping office.

Rau: If I felt bad then I wouldn’t say nothing.

Unknown Player: I’m just saying talk about it inside. This is not the place to be talking about it.

Rau: Yeah, ok.

Unknown Player: Ok? That’s all I’m trying to say. Don’t jump on me, Bleep. I’m just trying to avoid a Bleeping scene out here, that’s all.

Lasorda: That’s right. It’s Bleeping great for you to be standing out here talking to me like that.

Rau: If I didn’t feel good I wouldn’t say nothing.

Lasorda: I don’t give a Bleep, Doug. I’m the Bleeping manager of the Bleeping team. I’ve gotta make the Bleeping decisions, and I’ll make ’em to the Bleeping best of my ability. They may be the Bleeping wrong decisions, but I’ll make it. Don’t worry about it. I’ll make the Bleeping decisions. I gave ya a Bleeping chance to walk out of here. I can’t Bleep around we’re down two games to one. If it was yesterday that’s a different Bleeping story.

Rau: That’s a right handed hitter coming up….

Lasorda: I don’t give a Bleep. You got three, er, uh, left hand hitters and they all got Bleeping hits on ya. Rivers, Jackson, and the Bleeping other guy. They got left handed – they all hit – that guy who just hit the ball was a left hander, wasn’t he?

Rau: …pitch him to the inside part of the plate.

Lasorda: Dougy, I don’t give a Bleep whether you jammed him or not he got – he didn’t get out. I can’t – I can’t let you out there in a Bleeping game like this, I got a Bleeping  job to do. What’s the matter with you?

Unfortunately, that game and that series were not to be for the Dodgers. The Yankees had scored three runs in that inning to go up 3-0. The Dodgers were able to pull within one run 3-2, when Rick Rhoden, the pitcher who replaced Rau doubled, and Davey Lopes homered, to give the Dodgers hope. But The Yankees would add one more when Reggie Jackson hit an opposite field solo home run in the sixth inning, to give the Yankees a 4-2 lead. The Dodgers came close though. Ron Cey nearly tied it in the fifth frame, when he sent a rocket drive to deep left, that Lou Piniella robbed Cey with an amazing leaping catch against the wall. Ron Guidry went all the way for the Yankees for a complete game victory. The Dodgers would go on and lose the series in six games. The Boys in Blue did finally get their revenge on the hated Yankees, when they came back from a two games to none deficit, to win four games in a row, and the 1981 World Series in six games. Lesson learned, when it is time to come out of the game, don’t argue with Tommy. The Doug Rau incident comes in as the number three Tommy Lasorda moment of all time.

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