I’ve Had Enough Of The WBC!


I’m done with the WBC. Done! Done I tell you! You know I was starting to enjoy it for a little while. I was rooting for team USA, and having some meaningful games during March to watch was kind of nice. Even though some of the rules are a bit ridiculous, and the first round should be a double elimination instead of a round robin. But still, it was kind of cool watching a playoff type atmosphere in March. Not anymore. Now I am done with it for a long while. Thank goodness it’s over. Why? Because crap like this happens….

Now the WBC sucks. Team USA lost, our starting shortstop is hurt, and Bob Costas still won’t shut-up. Apparently seriously only innings away from this crap being over, and us finally getting our darling shortstop back, bam. Hanley hurt himself diving for a ball. He was playing third base during the game, not shortstop. Now he didn’t come out right away. He had an at-bat before being pulled. Finally we hear word that he has been fitted with a splint and will see a doctor tomorrow.

And with Dee Gordon out probably for another few days because of a sprained ankle, that leaves us with Skip Schumaker, Nick Punto, and you know who…Juan Uribe as the primary shortstops in camp behind Hanley and Gordon.

There is no one to blame here. Just more bad luck. However I don’t want anymore Dodgers playing in the World Baseball Classic ever again. Serious! Had it!

(Update!), Harold Reynolds on MLB Network just spoke with Hanley, and Hanley told him he would be fine. I guess it’s just a sprain. Should we trust Harold Reynolds? I am so annoyed….More on this tomorrow. (Oh btw, the Dominican beat Puerto Rico, who cares.)